Last halving of Tomochain

Last halving of Tomochain

By PepeOrtiz | Pepe News | 27 Jan 2021

TOMO's second and last halving will take place on February 7, so the number of coins issued will be reduced from 2 million to 1 million annually.



Currently, 250 TOMO coins are issued for each mine mined, this figure will be reduced to 125 from February.



TOMO was launched in mid-2017 and will have a total issued when it reaches 100,000,000, so the price could go up in the next few years. Tomochain is currently trading at $ 1.20, however the price is expected to rise in the medium and long term.




In short, tomochain is a cryptocurrency that has future potential, with an interesting project that will have to be followed closely.

Thanks and sorry for my English.

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