PEOPLE: Learn The 5 Primal Instincts Governing Species Functionality, Survival and Evolution

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The Instincts In Order of Initial Activation Sequence at Birth

1. Unfold the Unknown: Common singularity of species purpose. Immediately at birth all is unknown.

2. Self Determine: Active Principle

3. Establish Value: Passive

4. Seek and Establish Social Order: First order of survival

5. Establish Identity in Creation: First order of business 

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OK, here we go.

In PEOPLE: Cosmology of Species, I cover the first four instincts, and their immediate influence related to social order.

I will not detail the first four here then, other than to reiterate why they are the Primal instincts and why they are the most important part of our lives. So please read the Cosmology of Species outline article, and then continue here if you need more detail.

So briefly, these are our first 5 instincts, in order of sequential primal effect. 





Common singular experience and perspective within all people at birth. God, is our perspective of the singularity of Creation. The concept of God or no god is shared within all People. In other words, what is the substance of our being. WHERE WE COME FROM AND WHERE WE ARE GOING IN CREATION IS UNKNOWN. YET EVERYTHING THAT IS UNKNOWN SEEMS FAMILIAR.

We are faced with the unknown immediately at birth till death.No one knows what decisions if any they made to effect their birth. If God is the essence of all life then for People, familiarity with the unknown is the essence of our common experience of Creation, or Life or God.

Everything we experience, including how we define the unknown, is different in one way or another between people. But we all share in the perception, that what life is and how it works, is essentially unknown. This occurs immediately at birth. However it is also accompanied by an overall impression as well is that it is familiar, and available to explore. Our first instinct then is to unfold the unknown. To discover and interpret it for ourselves. Where we are going in life becomes a matter of perspective based on our intrinsic assessment gained from life's experiences, unfolding the unknown. This, even in our final moments. It is the basis of all motivation and belief as well as non belief. We ask; What is the intrinsic value and nature of the familiar unknown.


2. Self Determination

We face our birth into the unknown with a spank of confusion. We determine to cry. It is an instinct.


3. Establish Value

We are comforted and establish a quality and value of comfort, by which all others will be judged.


The first, second, and third instincts define all others

Establishment of value determines our actions, the results of our actions determine establishment of value.

The 2nd and 3rd instincts are the active and passive polarities of the primal cycle initiated in exploring the unknown. They are the on off switch, of our species. They are uniquely sequenced in each individual. They are the 0's and 1's of our DNA code. We are uniquely sequenced subsets, within the greater genomic code of our species functioning in nature. Our unique sequence affects and effects all our actions. 

It can be visualized as a hardwired signal path with the unknown as the source, activating a positive and negative circuit firing on and off, according to our own unique sequence, hardwired into our unique DNA code. These first 3 instincts are defined as civil rights, in the U.S Constitution. 


4. Seek Social Order

This is the first order in the function of survival for the species. Life will have no value and will be impossible to survive in let alone determine in, without social order at birth. It is impossible to live comfortably without it in adulthood. Comfort and nourishment.




The 5th Instinct


5. Establish Identity 

Establishment of Functional Individual Identity

Because of our unique 0 and 1 sequence, we are in essence, or in a sense, a coded message, in a larger genomic sequence. This sequence identifier is the basis of what we call individual identity. Individual identity is not dependent on social order for establishment. After adulthood, social order is no longer needed as many a survivalist will attest. However, because social order is a primal instinct, identity will always be established relative to it. 

Identity is established in a person through personal habit. Identity is established in society through customs. culture and law.

Identity is established in an individual first and applied to social order. Successful habits become evolutionary, when applied to customs, culture and law, in the social order. A social order so evolved, will remain sustainable in nature, within the parameters of our species. Proving the worth of each coded sequence is the primary function of species in the natural environment of Creation.

The Fifth Instinct Defines Primary Species Function

The primary function of our species is the question everyone asks of the unknown. Is it to make mounds of plastic to later be turned into another evolutionary advancement in Creation, long after our extinction? Or is it tied to establishment of identity in Creation? Is their an intrinsic value connected to individual identity in Creation.  

This instinct is tied to our first instinct. It is the one question each and everyone asks in contemplating the unknown. What is the meaning of identity in our species? Is identity a product of our species? Or is our species another vehicle delivered, for the use of identity in a greater evolutionary plan? Does our identity exist beyond species, or the span of one life in it. The instinct in each one is to answer this question for themselves. It is the basis for establishing individual identity. It is an instinct because again, no one can ever stop trying to answer that question. If you conclude that the question does not matter, you have still established a basis point for identity, relative to the social order and your personal perspective of identity.


If there is a species purpose for ego identity in Creation perhaps it is based on this universally asked question. Creation itself may be asking a question which is echoed in our common question. Does individual identity contribute to Creation? Our species and perhaps others like it. may be a natural proving ground in Creation. And if it is valuable, the value of each iteration if individual identity will be naturally selected. Successful identities would continue. The elements of unsuccessful ones turned into something more useful. It's a thought. 

The infinite sequential variety contained within our species is connected to the prime directive of all species sustained in nature. Variety is required to optimize the adaptability needed for any species to survive. Therefore, if the seemingly limitless potential for individual identity adds value to species, survival in Creation. Individual identities may have a chance to evolve within Creation, perhaps beyond this species or as a part of a greater species evolutionary process potential in Creation.

I leave you now to determine your life and establish your value in Creation. May your instincts become impulses, guided by natural pathways of reason.


A MODERN COSMOLOGY GOD IS YOUR PERCEPTION OF THE UNKNOWN BASED ON THE VALUES YOU PROVE ++++++++++++++= YOUR FIVE BASIC INSTINCTS To unfold the unknown To self determine To establish value To create social order within nature To Establish Identity

PEOPLE: Natural Species Cosmology
PEOPLE: Natural Species Cosmology

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