Zoo tycoon - Complete collection for FREE!
Zoo tycoon complete

Zoo tycoon - Complete collection for FREE!

By Medge2020 | Pc gamrs ultima | 12 Nov 2020

Does anybody share a similar passion for business simulation games? 

None are quite as exciting as zoo tycoon in this author's opinion.


Wether you have a managerial mindset or simply a passion for animals, zoo tycoon caters for both.

Aside from the numerous scenarios, I love the free play scenario - literally a large land mass of green grass and you build it up in your own style to become a mega zoo (my own has all sorts of endangered and secret animals even dinosaurs! Unicorns, Big foot,  Yetis, Mermaids, Deinechosarus (giant crocs) and triceratops! 

Create marine tanks and adjacent show tanks where the animals perform tricks! 


You can play the full game for free with a handy little trick that doesn't cost a penny!

Go to - https://www.myabandonware.com/game/zoo-tycoon-complete-collection-dzx

Download the zipped ISO image file from the above link 


Go to - https://www.daemon-tools.cc/home


Download the virtual drive from the above link (it's free, although they do offer a paid version with many more features but the free version works fine for this purpose.) 

Run Daemon tools after setup, create a virtual drive

Go to your file location of the zoo tycoon ISO zipped folder and click and drag Zoo tycoon into the virtual drive this will initialize set up (note: zoo tycoon must be done first in order for the marine mania/dinosaur digs version to work)

Perform quick set up and wait til it's installed.  Before you play, repeat the procedure with the second ISO image which will install as an extension of the first. 

There you have it! The Zoo tycoon complete collection - free of charge!

Here are some really cool cheats to play with too! (Taken from - https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/917864-zoo-tycoon-complete-collection/cheats/ )


$$ Money $$


Hold down the keys shown below and you will get 10,000 dollars. If you continue to hold down the keys, your money will increase rapidly. Note that using this cheat will damage your fences.

Effect Code $ 10,000 Hold down 'Shift' and '$' at the same time.  

Exhibit codes


Name an exhibit one of the following to activate the cheat. It should also be noted that if you name a brand new exhibit using this cheat - change an existing one or it will crash the game. Everyone who's done it with a new exhibit has experienced this, so keep it in mind.

Effect Code All dinosaur poo will turn into rocks Copralite Corner Deinosuchuse will be in the Animal Adoption window Super Croc Double Exhibit Donations Microsoft Guests pay 2x original amount for attractions Blue Fang More people will come to see that exhibit Wonderland Triceratops will be in the Animal Adoption window Cretaceous Corral Unicorn will be in the Animal Adoption window Xanadu



Guest Name Codes

Effect Code All animal shelters available. John Wheeler All scenarios completed Akiyama Animals breed faster/more often Dr Dolittle Birds scare the heck out of guests Alfred H Change's everyone's shirt blue. Mr. Blue Change's everyone's shirt brown. Mr. Brown Change's everyone's shirt orange. Mr. Orange Change's everyone's shirt pink. Mr. Pink Change's everyone's shirt white. Mr. White Change's everyone's shirt yellow. Mr. Blonde Dinosaur eggs hatch faster. Eggman Get all Animal Shelters Adam Levesque Guest donates a lot of money Bill Gates Make children guests upset Name a male guest Boogyman Make female guests upset Name a male guest rpro Make fences deteriorate Russell Make guests sick. Stinky Make some guests puke Zeta Psi Research all staff research automatically Hank Howie The demand for hamburgers goes up Bill Clinton Unlock all animal houses and types Andrew Binder Unlock all animal toys Lou Catanzaro Unlock all Dinos. DINOMAN Unlock all foliage Charlie Peterson Unlock dinosaur foliage research program. Ron Propst Unlock endangered animals Steve Serafino You gain a small amount of money. Rich Uncle Pennybags


If you build a marine animal tank and put a mermaid statue in it, the statue will break and a mermaid will appear


Note: daemon tools is handy to have as you can install and play nearly any game you can aquire the ISO for. Use trustworthy sites though I know from my own experiences that Zoo tycoon works with no issues.

Happy gaming people!


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Pc gamrs ultima
Pc gamrs ultima

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