How to stake BitTorrent BTT tokens and get rewards on DLive platform

How to stake BitTorrent BTT tokens and get rewards on DLive platform

By Arvydas77 | passivecrypto | 24 Apr 2020

This guide will help to get passive income staking BitTorrent tokens on DLive platform. I will show you step by step how to get passive income.

1. You should create DLive account. Please click a link and follow registration instructions: DLive

2. In order to stake BTT tokens you are required to install the TronLink Browser Addon / Extension , you can get this from here:


3. To stake BTT please click on your DLive avatar and select the "DLive BTT Stake In" option, or visit: 


4. Enter amount how much BTT tokens you want to stake and click  "Stake In"


5. A dialogue box will be shown asking you confirm the transaction. Remember that you must have energy using Tronlink or have some Tron (TRX) tokens in your wallet Click continue and this will automatically start staking process:

6. Once you have clicked continue your TronLink extension will show a popup asking you to confirm the transaction:


7. By clicking "Accept" you will return to the Staking page with a dialogue box confirming the transaction is taking place. You can check transaction selecting "Check transaction".



Congratulations! Now you are staking your BTT tokens and can see all the details on your staking dashboard. It is worth to note that current annualized BTT return is +3655%!!! 


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