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Passive And Residual Income. Why This Is So Important To Me And Why It Should Be To You.

By John Foltz | Passive Income Escape | 12 Jul 2020

          7/9/20 Just a little bit about me and why I do what I do. I come from a pretty poor background. We never really had much but we survived. I am sure things were harder before the internet was really in full swing. As I grew older the only option I saw was to work a full time job and be compensated for my time worked. I had accepted this as reality but hated it all along. I had no idea and was never taught about the concept of passive or residual income. The system is not designed to just GIVE you the life hacks. The system wants you dependent on it. I knew about things like rental properties but it seemed pointless to see myself doing that. Who has that kind of money to start such a venture? As so many others around me did, I fell into a life that I never wanted to live out of necessity to make money and survive. The kind of life that most people live and never get out of. I consider myself one of the lucky few. Getting out was a process and took many years and several failed attempts.

          I did not do well in school. I went to some very rough public schools. They were not about learning but more about surviving the wrath of other students. Getting into constant fights and being jumped and robbed was a pretty common thing. Until it wasn't anymore. You are either a predator or you're prey. School was more like prison honestly. When you know nothing else, this is normal to you. The violence was not only in the schools, the roots were in the surrounding communities that sent their children to them daily. I also lived in those same places. I was immersed into a culture that meant certain failure at life it seemed and my white privilege was nowhere to be found. Imagine being in a classroom waiting for a bell to ring. The bell rings and students pour into the hallways. Some of them are running to the next class as fast as possible while others are brawling. Picking targets and attacking them. The hallways looked like something out of a zombie movie at times. This was a game to us. We literally had games we played that were all about hitting other people until xyz. The rules changed as the aggressors saw fit.

          My life outside of school was incomprehensible. To look back on it blows me away to this day. I ended up being expelled from school one year and sent to an alternative learning facility which was just a bunch of trailers parked next to each other. They bussed us to a nearby Highschool every day for lunch. There were several security people in the school that would beat us up every chance they had. Imagine any movie you have seen about this kind of scenario and yep, it was just like that. My first day enrolling, I was sitting in the office trailer waiting to see the principal when a male student ran into the office pleading for help screaming " Shes right behind me HELP!". Then an enormous female student busted through the door and started beating him in the skull with a textbook. If you look up pimp in the dictionary, a picture of the ALC principal can be found there. When I met him, he was wearing a green suit, top hat, gold rings on every finger and a Mr. T amount of gold chains around his neck. The dude even had a cane (that was probably the hidden sword type knowing him). The principal of the school was eventually fired for several reports of assaulting students. He then went on a hunger strike because of it. It was all over the local news down there. 

          There are things that this blog will never see. The worst of it, I keep just to myself. I was eventually expelled again and told that I could  not attend school in Florida....period. none of them. Not even the worst of the worst. By law, I still had to attend school. This meant I only had one option. That was to move to Northern Virginia and live with my biological father. I brought all my bullshit right along with me too but for some reason, I somewhat willingly chilled out. This was kinda like putting a wild animal in a zoo. The animal is bucking but not to hard because he knows he has been sick and needs to be there or it meant death. Virginia people are nothing like Florida people. I always remember thinking they were much softer and nicer than Florida people. That heat just got to us down there and made us insane in the mind.

          I was still fucking up in school, smoking, drinking, drugs. The only real difference was now I had to hide it whereas before I was full blown gone pretty much 24/7. Florida had turned me into a garbage can drug addict and an absolute raging alcoholic among other things. I really can't believe I did not kill myself. Naturally, the farther I get from that and the more time that goes by, it gets harder and harder to believe. When I look at pictures of myself from back then, I see a little boy and I am shocked now to know what that boy was doing with his life. I should be dead and I'm amazed that I'm not. I know without a doubt that I had some kind of shield over me. Call it what you will because I'm not sure what it was. I just know it was there. I always wonder, is it still?

          It was almost like I was given a taste of how things should have been. Or at least a better way for things to be. I was shown that there was a whole other world out there full of productive people, builders, growers. People living better and not just keeping themselves from dying. I got about 2 1/2 or 3 years of normal living. I guess that's what it was. Out of that 2 1/2 or 3 years, I probably spent a good year of it locked in a room. And not allowed to come out for anything. I did not know how to act so I was made to spend a lot of time with myself. With all of the bad shit I had done and was still doing, you would think that I would have said "screw this" and ran away. I never did, not once that I recall. I just stayed in my room, alone. Ate alone, was not allowed anything but books for most of that time and or schoolwork. At one point they just ran out of shit to take from me. I then lost EVERY poster and decoration I had spent a lot of my time collecting and hanging. All of the space on each wall was almost taken up 100%. The name of the game was symmetry. Every wall had to be perfectly symmetrical. That was my thing. One day they just made me take it all down. You don't know how to act, you get nothing.

          The day I turned 18. I decided to skip school with a buddy and go get some tattoos as a birthday present for myself. The shop we walked into was supposed to be locked and we were greeted by a bunch of inked tattoo artists in the middle of a party wondering how the fuck we got in. They let us hang out and we joined the party, got some free ink too. After that day, I wished I still had my bare ass boring room to sleep in. I went home that night and was greeted with an eviction notice. My Father knew I skipped school and was getting wasted. I went home feeling like I was a man and going to be left to do whatever I wanted now, and I was. It was snowing and cold as shit when I was kicked out of the house. I had nowhere to go, none of my friend's parents were dumb enough to let me stay with them. Nobody wanted me. This started a chain reaction that took the next quarter of my life from me. What I would consider the first quarter of my life had already been wasted. I had a couple years break in between and I was right back at it. I was in 10th grade in high school at the time.  I continued to go to school for 3 weeks when I was first homeless. I wore the same clothes every day. That was all I had to wear.  After 3 weeks, In early 10th grade, I dropped out. There was a pizza place I knew of that kept the back door open. Once a day, I would visit that place. The back door was open, the back door was open. All I'm saying is the back door was left open. One day, they realized I knew the back door was open and they stopped leaving it open. They were really cool about closing it. The manager told me I could come once a day, whenever I wanted and he would give me a free pizza. I gladly accepted this offer and did not dare ask for any drinks. I usually had one of those bags of boxed wine inside my large inner jacket pocket anyway. Another open door.

          I can tell you that when it's freezing outside, you will do just about anything to find a warm place to sleep. I slept in places you could not imagine unless you have lived that life. If my children EVER tell me that they think there is a monster under the bed, I will check, EVERY time. I did have one friend that was willing to do whatever it took to keep me from freezing to death. He lived in a single parent home and his mother was always at work. Sometimes, during the day, he would let me sneak into his house and shower. One day he suggested I could sleep in his room to avoid the cold. The only problem was, he shared a room with his little brother who was about 8 ish. If I wanted to escape the cold, I would have to sleep under his little brother's bed without his brother knowing I was there. I decided to give it a shot. I really did not have a choice. I don't know how many nights I did this, I kinda lost count. I would have to go under the bed hours and hours before night time to stay hidden. Before both his mother and his brother were home, I was under the bed which naturally became my sleep time but I could not come out when I woke up. This was better than freezing to death. I think I blocked most of it out of my mind so many years later. 

          Most nights, his brother would pee in the bed and it would go straight through his skinny mattress and all over me. This was better than freezing to death too. His younger brother would NOT want to go to bed at bedtime. He would fight and yell and scream at his mother for hours. Would not stop turning on his tv and whatever else he was doing to stay awake. One night his mother took his tv out of his room after hours of screaming at him. The young boy also would never want to wake up in the mornings for school. His mother started the process of waking him up hours in advance. 2 hours pleading with him, 10 actual minutes of actually getting ready for school and out the door to catch the bus. The morning after she took his tv, he demanded it back in return for him getting out of the bed. His mother brought the tv into the room and slammed it on the floor next to his bed. I was asleep under the bed until a tv was slammed on my hand but the instant I was jolted awake I knew I could not make a sound and I didn't. After that, I tried sleeping in the closet that was half my size. At least I could take deep breaths now.

          All along, I could have just made my way back down to Florida. I had people to live with, probable employment, friends, family, familiarity. I also knew what that would mean for me going back there. Eventually, out of disparity, I made that move down south. I begged up enough money for a bus ticket and left Virginia. I wasted the next 12 years away doing the same shit I was doing as a kid. Only difference was that I was working jobs at the same time. I always worked very hard, when they could actually get me to show up. I always hated trading my time for money. Despised it, and still do to this day. I'm what you would call unemployable. I did not know there were better ways. An almost infinite amount of ways.

          I'm writing all of this so anyone that reads it can get a slight feel for where I came from. Please understand that you are getting a toned down pg-13 version of just general sucky moments. 98% Of my life was this way. 

          In 2010 I got into social media, Facebook to be exact. To say that Facebook changed my life is an understatement. Now I believe It to be an overall negative thing, Facebook. I think it's one big censoring social experiment. However, I must give credit where credit is due. Back when I thought a meme was a me me and I would think to myself "what a dumb ass name for this", I started seeing this face. You may know it as the face from the movie V for Vendetta. I had never seen the movie. I could just visualize the cover of it and assumed it was stupid. There was always some positive message with this face, always different but always positive. That face too, changed my life forever. At the time I started seeing this face, I still lived in Florida, fully rooted there and in both a verbally and physically abusive relationship. Yes, It happens to men too. The woman I was with would wait until I was asleep and start punching me in the face as hard as she could. I could write an entire book about this time in my life but I'll leave it at that, enough said. After following the people that were sharing this face over and over again, I began to learn that I had ran into an entire movement of people called Anons, Anonymous. Down the rabbit hole I tumbled. I learned an absolutely insane amount of information in a pretty short period of time. I became a full blown political activist and truth seeker.


          At the end of 2012, Anonymous led me back to virginia. I loved the state from my short time spent there, even the cold. I learned that Anonymous was to hold its first Million Mask March on November 5th 2013 and there would be a heavy attendance in Washington DC, pretty close to where I lived before in Virginia. What better time to leave the hell I called life and move back North. I intended to attend what was said to be the largest mass protest in human history and I did. In early January 2013, I was picked up from Florida, no questions asked, by a very good friend I had made in Virginia as a teen. A brother to me now. We had an absolute blast of a good time and we got the message across. A smaller local crew we had kept things active throughout the year. I was personally on a mission to wake people up to the prison they were living in but could not see. I pretty much spent every waking minute of my life on this mission. When stepping back and looking at the big picture, an insane transformation had happened to me in a very short time and I made sure the world knew it.


Million Mask March DC 2013


          During this period of my life, I was working dead end jobs and I was pretty broke. Even working 2 part time jobs and doing side gigs pretty often. I was a single man and could hardly afford anything at all. I actually quit both jobs leading up to the 2014 Million Mask March so I could be fully involved. I spent a few weeks in DC and the surrounding area much like a transient again. All with the aim of waking people up and saving the population. Many of my brothers and sisters took care of me during this time. They fed me, gave me rides, smokes and places to sleep. I was not the only one that needed this kind of support. Many of us were just flat broke.  I began to realize that a large number of my fellow activists were in the same boat I was in yet all of us thought we were going to change the world. This is when I began to believe that what we were doing was NOT going to work. We could speak to people the rest of our lives and never make a dent. I started to believe that what we really needed was Independence, each and every single one of us. In this world, that means one of two things. An off grid farm where you create everything you need on your own or, enough money to do and buy everything you need and some. I was slapped in the face with the reality that I, WE, needed money. More and more, faster and faster, as easily as possible. This money needed to be from a source that was neverending and as passive as possible so we could have our time freedom to actually put it to use to make change. This is why, as a species, we are in this prison chasing our tails to the death. We are never going to change anything unless we have the money to do so or, that money is useless. Money itself IS useless but, I mean the idea behind it.

          Over time my activism evolved to where I am today. I do work full time and sometimes I still work 2 jobs. For years now, I have also been searching the internet far and wide for opportunities to make easy money. I have not done it all but I have done a LOT. I began doing this at a time when our family was growing and needing more and more income. I was slowly seeing myself being backed into a corner that meant I would be forced to take on a second full time job. I fought tooth and nail to keep this from becoming reality. I knew I had some time but did not know how much. I began learning how to trade the Forex market with a great mentor and company. Me being me, I did about a day on a demo account and then went all in. Before I knew It I was trading (and slowly nuking) my very own Forex account. I was just too eager to make fast money and in reality, I did not have the time to devote to learning the skills. I LOVED staring at charts looking for an entry but I needed more money, faster, NOW. 

          I got sucked into the MLM world and bounced around from company to company like most do. I learned a lot about marketing and MLM. I saw a lot of dishonest people doing dirty things to get people to join them and spend money investing so the recruiter could profit. I lost a lot of money joining the wrong companies with poor business models. I failed forward as we say, taking hit after hit but still moving forward. I found that my best tools to making money were my people skills. Then fell into better and better opportunities (that still were not perfect) and I became a pretty good marketer. I had a lot of success building out several teams in investment based businesses. Something always went wrong and those ventures failed. Although I was making money all from my phone, a lot of my people on my teams were not. Most people thought they were going to just invest, sit back and watch the money roll in. It can be done this way but a lot of initial capital is needed, huge risks must be taken.


          I started doing all of this, not only to help myself but to help others too. I had been through a LOT and I knew that people could break free from the enslavement of a system that had them hostage. That's what really motivates me. Not the money but the freedom. I wanted then, the same thing I want now. I want to spend my time doing what I want with my family when we want to do it. I want to live my life on my terms and to teach my children a better way of life. Not the go to college and get a degree kind of life, I'm a 10th grade dropout. I want to teach them to do what they love to do, when they want to do it and make money doing it. Or, to do the work one time on something that is going to pay you over and over again. This to me in my early years, was secret hidden knowledge. I do not want my children, or yours, to be slaves to this system. I don't want to be my own boss. I just want to be left alone to live. As I want you to be.

          I have not taken a loss in quite a long time now. I began to specialize in things that earn income with no risk to your hard earned savings. Most of the things I do are totally passive, meaning you don't have to do anything at all and you still get paid daily. Some things I do require a little bit of work but they can be done from a cellphone while you are anywhere, doing almost anything you want. Several times I have been hiking through the woods with my family and stopped to pull money out of my phone. If I get sick or take some time off work, I know I can go on a little collecting spree and make up what I missed and some. I am starting to see my freedom coming closer and closer. 

          Somewhere along the line, I made up this little affirmation for myself. I suggest you do the same but first think long and hard about what you want and be very specific.

          "I will use my true talents and abilities to change my financial future and leave my family tree a legacy of success that will last for infinite generations".

          I will be sharing some of the ways I earn passive and residual income. Feel free to share yours with me and lets break free together. More to come soon.

Check out my YouTube channel here👇

Manifest your own reality. Thanks for reading.

John Foltz


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John Foltz
John Foltz

Just an average guy trying to turn streams of passive income into rivers of abundance!

Passive Income Escape
Passive Income Escape

          I do a ton of different things, all from my phone to earn what we call passive income. If you are unfamiliar with the term, think of it as being a landlord collecting rent. Very little work, or none, was done and income was still generated and collected. If you follow along with me, Keep in mind that there are MANY different forms of this passive income and some will require more work than others. Some will require initial setup and nothing more. Stay tuned for chances to make some easy money!

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