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3 months into this I have learned quite a bit.  I've put in a lot of work.  I've learned many lessons and have had to lean on friends and educators after ttrades have gone bad.  IM Academy has shown me so much, and the constant support and online learning has been a blessing (I will bring this up again soon).  I've gotten to sit with the top traders and listen to their philosophies, trading techniques, and general knowledge of their preferred markets.  Having access to 24hour crypto info has been a blessing (here it is again) and a curse.  I'm not saying that having everything at my fingertips has been bad.... I'm just saying that being who I am, the sidelines is not where I am most comfortable.  

My portfolio has grown at a very steady and impressive pace.  Through IM Academy, I've been able to tap into a vast amount of knowledge regarding projects with great upside, and have capitalized on said knowledge. I have had the opportunity to learn about upcoming and new projects to jump into before they even launch.  Therein lies the curse.  I hate not being able to jump in to it all.  Due to financial restrictions I find myself frustrated and happy all at the same time.  I have taken on supporting my mom financially which brings me great happiness. I have still been able to pay for my course, and continue on my investment journey. Life is good but my goals have changed. I'm learning to be patient but at times find myself at odds with my situation.  

I'm blessed to have been introduced to this Academy and have a friend/mentor such as Uche Ejiogu.  His team is always there to help you out of a rut or even a bad trade.  The constant in all of this, has been Uche. He's a dedicated family man, much like myself, and a formidable partner in regards to trading and investing.  I can't say enough about him and the support he offers to our trading team.  He is humble and encouraging.  He never misses the opportunity to help and praise us as new learners.  I couldn't ask for a better person to have, helping me along this path.  I'm forever grateful.  

All that being said.... 

I have gone live, trading the price action.  This has been incredible and extremely humbling.  The early success was mind numbing and exhilarating. I made a few good reads of the market and my account was booming.  I felt like I was on top of the world even though it wasn't so much money.  I got caught up in the moment and forgot to stay disciplined.  I threw out the basic rules that i had set for myself.  Then two bad days of trading happened, seven days apart. It's not that I had gottten greedy.  I felt quite confident in what I was seeing.  The problem was that I wasn't doing what had gotten me success and my live account didn't have the same balance ($).  I hadn't zoomed out.  I hadn't done the work. Mark the chart? nope.  FInd good entries? nope.  Set reasonable price to take profit? nope.  Set a stop loss?  ehhhhhh no......  On these two particular days, I had set up my trades right before bed.  Both times the prices got to within $100 dollars of my targets and then came crashing down.  If this had been my demo account I would have been fine because i had grown my balance and could've waited out the drop.  With my live acocunt, my balance was a fraction of what I had built up with my demo account.  The losses almost wiped me out.  

After this happened I took some time to reflect.  To remind myself of the marathon and not the sprint.  I got back to reading charts and marking them up. Finding the right times to jump in even though I wasn't.  Luckily I didn't get wrecked with my nonchalance.  

I live to trade another day.


Still Jumping the Wall,



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Just a man trying to change the world

Passion, Emotions and the Market
Passion, Emotions and the Market

This is a little bit more about my journey, things I've learned and what drives me to continue.

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