Investment Psychology - 1 - Why do we wait at loss?

By Ali_St | Paradoxal_Investment | 23 Jun 2022

Today I want to discuss one of the biggest dilemma of the investors:

Not being able to show patience in upward trend while waiting literally ages at loss!

I have experienced this countless times myself and also observed in others. 

We all know that stop-loss is lifesaving, but let's say we missed this chance for this or that reason, so why do we insist on an instrument at loss and wait for really long long times? 

Once, I waited for 3 years for a stock and at the end of 3 years, I could only sell it at breakeven point. 

On the contrary, I once sold a stock at a profit of 30% a month after I bought it, but within a year it went up another 600%.

So why is this happening? Why investors can't wait when candles are green, while they can be patient with annoying red candles?

I think I've found the answer for this question, but before revealing it, I want to hear your thoughts first.

Please let me know what you think in comments below. In second part, I'll share my explanation for this dilemma in my next article!

Thanks for reading and commenting in advance!

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