Parachute Weekly Update: Lunch with 2gether, Wysker nominated by Google Play, Horizon State charity, WandX roadmap... - 26 Apr - 2 May'19

By Abhijoy Sarkar | Parachute-Fans | 15 May 2019

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Hi everyone! Here’s the week that was at Parachute and partners (26 Apr – 2 May’19). Like last week, this has been a relaxed one as well:


Mari won this week’s Parena by beating Orji in a hard fought finale to win a mystery prize. You would have to ask Mari to find out what it was. PurpleCoin’s Two-for-Tuesday theme for the week was one or both music videos you post must be animated. Awesome suggestion LordHades! As a result we got to watch tons of cool vids and good music. This week’s rock wars was for favourite bands. Turns out Led Zeppelin is the top choice for PurpleCoin fans. Jason’s trend following bot is in the lead in the Cryzen Battle of the Bots #1 competition as per the latest update. Go go! Cryzen will also be launching stablecoin/stablecoin algos soon to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.



Make us proud, Jasonbot!


2gether was featured in one of Spain’s biggest publications this week: El Mundo. Spanish Parachuters, have a read of the detailed piece for a lowdown on the platform. From buying groceries with XLM to getting lunch with ETH, the 2gether card is winning! Actualidad Económica selected 2gether as one of the top 100 innovations of the year in finance & insurance sector. Check out No. 24 in this list. Woo-hoo! 100k AXPR was burned as part of Resolvr’s monthly fee burn. aXpire’s article on the future of blockchains was published this week. Rohit and I co-wrote this piece as part of a gig offered on MatchBX for some sweet AXPR. Switch and SwitchDEX paid out the scheduled fee airdrops to all ESH and SDEX holders this week. WandX’s mammoth development update was finally put this week. It includes a detailed roadmap for this year, some of the highlights from which were: the basket protocol will allow staking of tokens from different chains and multi-chain DEX release by June.



Lunch brought to you by 2gether (pic courtesy: CF)


If you have contributed in any way to the HYDRO ecosystem make sure to let them know. Your contribution will be featured on their community page. HYDRO Biz Dev Mark Anstead sat down for an interview with Scott Cunningham that covered a range of topics related to the project. The Hydro community update which came out this week, features the latest in the Hydro-verse. We have covered most of these in our past updates. But in case you missed those, check out their post to catch up. The Hydro roadmap lays down their plans till August. Exciting times up ahead! ETHOS is now listedon the Monetha payment gateway. So when you choose “Pay with Crypto”, ETHOS pops up as an option. Adoption FTW! The latest dev diary update hints at a coin addition + working POC for Bedrock. The updated dev dashboard has a couple more upgrades as well. Check it out!



The ETHOS Dev Dashboard is a visual treat


The Horizon State AMA was this week. If you couldn’t make it, make sure to catch up from the transcript. Horizon State is also one of 30 Australian companies chosen to attend Consensus 2019. However, they wouldn’t be travelling for strategic reasons. HST committed a sizeable chunk of its revenues to Binance’s charity arm, BCF. This donation will trackable on the blockchain. Thank you for making the world a better place Horizon State. Still getting stumped by Opacity? The explanations seem to technical? Fret not. This video will help explain it all in simple terms. The 1.0 product launch is almost here. In the run up to it, Opacity has partnered with ROQ Media for their launch campaign. For a few more OPQ updates from April, here’s a summary. There was a major tremor felt this week in BOMBverse. If you felt it too, here’s an explanation (Hint: A large number of BOMB tokens were burned). Feeling like burning something as well? Let the BOMB crew know here. BOMB’s planned #DestroyThis campaign wants to reward social good. Which social evil would you like destroyed first? Let them know. Wysker has been nominated as one of the most inventive apps in the 2019 Google Play Awards. This is massive!



If an app could be called eye candy, Wysker would be it


The Fantom logo received a little retouch. Looking fresh FTM! CIO Michael Kong appeared for an AMA with Crypto Intelligence India where he talked about his own background, the Fantom project, its roadmap and development progress. Michael also released a technical update. Though the document is still in draft, it is detailed and should be helpful for Fantom fans. Uzi interviewed Head of Marketing Michael Chen on all things Fantom. WednesdayClub is now listed on DappReview and ProductHunt. Don’t forget to review/upvote! Aspiring YouTubers, Birdchain has put together a sweet guide on how to get started with it. Hope you find it useful. And finally, like clockwork, District0x churned out their District Weekly and Dev Update. Have a look!


If you made it till here, you are a champ! Thanks for taking the effort to read through the update. See you again with another weekly update. Bye!


P.S. The cover image of this article is a meme shared by 2gether.


This article is a repost of our weekly update post.

Abhijoy Sarkar
Abhijoy Sarkar

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