Can cryptocurrencies cause addiction like gambling?

By panterablack | panterablack | 5 May 2022

Hello Publish0x community, I wish you all a great start of the week, I hope it will be very productive for everyone. Recently I was reading an article in which they talked about "the addiction to cryptocurrency investments ", it is the first time I read or heard something similar, I must say, but then I set out to think seriously about the matter and I think it makes a lot of sense to talk about it, more in this community where we are many of us who are largely dedicated to these activities.


I would like to share some interesting points regarding this topic, to finally see what you think about it, thank you very much for coming in to read my post, so let's get started.

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In general terms, the article I read said that due to the fact that in terms of advertising there are many people who say they have turned $100 into $100k in a few days, or have even been able to earn millions in a few weeks, it makes some people want to invest, to "play trading" and finally most of them end up losing a lot of money, and this is a great truth.

There are people who have been very lucky to be able to earn good amounts, and literally it has been luck, but it is not what commonly happens, those of us who have been in the cryptocurrency environment for years know it, just as you can win, you can also lose very quickly, and this last part is usually not said, and obviously those who do not investigate run more risk of losing money. And they go back to "investing" in the hope that they can more than recoup what they lost.


This behavior is similar to what happens with gambling players, with betting and similar things that if very well studied reaching the point of addictions confirmed. But in the case of cryptocurrencies it is not something that has really been studied for so many years to have definitive conclusions. But, if we go to the comparative level, we could undoubtedly find many similarities.


That got me thinking a lot because particularly my economic activity is sustained in what is the crypto environment, this is where I earn for my daily sustenance, but there is a detail, I work outside to bring money to the environment, rather the investments I make generally come out of the same activities I do in crypto, I have studied trading for more than 1 year, and I have taken it with a lot of responsibility, so even when I dedicate a lot of time to this, I do not see it as if it were for addiction, it is my job.


But it is true that those dreams of quick wealth abound as advertising, and it is really very harmful to the crypto environment in general, as it attracts people looking for that and the reality is that it is very difficult to get it. They end up losing money, walking away and never coming back, bad publicity, and they lose a great opportunity in the future, of course, this is my view on that.


I would like to know if you have heard or read about this, and know what you think about it. Thank you very much for reading my post.

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