Black Twitter always wins.

By panterablack | panterablack | 3 May 2022

I am pretty sure almost everybody who is on Twitter right now at some point when they joined didn’t understand how Twitter actually works. A typical Nigerian youth who joined Twitter In February would have maybe waited till June before he or she became familiar with all the settings and functions of some Twitter buttons Twitter was that complex.

Personally, I took over 8 months after I joined on Twitter to fully understand how it works and where and what page to visit, who to follow and how to find content. Most people would say “the Twitter community is a nation on its own”. They aren’t wrong you know Twitter is a unique and beautiful space where people air their thoughts about things they know little or nothing about, football bants, weird stories, relationships advices, news around the world, trends, fashion you name it Twitter has it all.

Black Twitter wins again


This is silly but I prefer to always leave my Twitter in dark mode. Maybe because for some reason I love the dark mode on everything, readcash, WhatsApp even my phone. I just think it makes it lively.

So if you were wondering what I meant by black Twitter wins. Well here is a short story.

I was scrolling through Twitter trying to get information on things, news, nfts and all until I came across a picture of a beautiful young lady. I immediately became curious because she was even following me. I decided I was going to start a conversation with her but I didn’t know what to start the conversation with and I wasn’t going to start with “hi my name is …” nah that is too cheesy enough man dem would have done that in her dms. I wanted to be different.

*Not to look like a creepy or anything* I went through her media on Twitter and then I saw a tweet where she tweeted about preferring Twitter in dark mode.*finally a way in*.

I immediately started a full blown conversation about loving dark mode Twitter. She immediately replied me and off we went talking about dark mode Twitter. After a while I switched it up and introduced myself she did too and soon enough we became friends. Fingers crossed I might be getting a girl friend pretty soon. Like i said black Twitter wins again.

I know a lot of you might be wondering why not title this article “dark mode Twitter wins again” if I had titled it that be honest would you have read it up till this point or even clicked on it. There you go I guess you have your answer.

I’d love to use this opportunity to wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters happy eid celebration. Finally the fast is over. From me myself and I ..


Thank you for reading.

with love, PanteraBlack✍️

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