3 Easy Ways To Get Involved With Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

3 Easy Ways To Get Involved With Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

By Pale Blue Dot | PaleBlueDot | 31 Jan 2020

3 Easy Ways To Get Involved With Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Here are a three easy ways to start earning and learning about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Brave Browser — A browser based off of Chrome that lets you earn a cryptocurrency called BAT(Basic Attention Token). In exchange for allowing small pop-up ads you receive a portion of the ad revenue in the form of a BAT token. Content creators can allow their fans to support them by tipping BAT tokens for their creative work and content. Using Brave browser is way to be an early adopter in these new cryptocurrency style forms of engagement that benefits both content creators and users through the use of peer to peer micto-transactions.

MinePi— Developed by 3 Stanford PHD’s MinePi is a social cryptocurrency that allows you to mine cryptocurrency using your phone. It’s one of the fastest growing projects as they just hit 2.5 milion users. When I first heard about MinePi in late Oct. 2019 they had just hit a million users.

MinePi is designed to facilitate a peer-to-peer marketplace and is not available on any exchanges and only available through in-app mining currently. You can read up their white paper to learn their roadmap and technical specifications.

The mining rate will likely half at 10million users so this is an opportunity to be an early adopter in a rapidly growing crypto ecosystem. MinePi requires an invitation code and you can use mine to join up.

Invite Code: PaleBlueDot

Blockchain.Poker - A website for playing online poker using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV. It's quick and easy to deposit. Anyone can sign up to play for tiny amounts of crypto shared by their faucet. Makes for a good game night with friends!

Interestingly, this is one of the places the "Flippening" has already happened. ~around March the site flipped from games being predominantly in Bitcoin to games in Bitcoin Cash. Due to the lower fees when transacting in Bitcoin Cash the "Flippening" occurred here on this website. A real use case example where traditional Bitcoin was beaten out by it's larger blocksize counterpart Bitcoin Cash. Time will tell if it's proof that Bitcoin Cash has a stronger case for utility than Bitcoin, but it is interesting to note that in one corner on the internet the "Flippening" already happened. 



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