Adding Fantom Network and $STA and $WSTA tokens on Metamask

This is a short, quick, and simple guide on how you can add Fantom Network to your Metamask. Further, this guide will show you how to add Statera $STA and Wrapped Statera $WSTA tokens on the Fantom Network as custom tokens to your Metamask.

IMPORTANT! We send Statera Network $STA tokens on the Fantom Network.

You can receive your STA to your Ethereum withdrawal address set up on the Fantom Network (it's the same address as your Ethereum address, and you can access it by using the same seedphrase / keys!). To do this, it is easiest to use Metamask, then click on "Ethereum Network" at the top and switch that to "Fantom Network".


Tutorial on How to Add and Switch To the Fantom Network to Metamask.

To add Fantom Network to your Metamask and use your old Ethereum address on the Fantom Network, open Metamask, then click on "Ethereum Network" at the top and switch that to "Fantom Network" by following this tutorial on Fantom's Website.


Tutorial on Adding Statera STA and WSTA tokens as Custom Tokens to Your Metamask.

To interact with your Statera $STA and Wrapped Statera $WSTA tokens, you might then also need to import STA as a custom token on Metamask, by using the Contract Address for STA and WSTA tokens, as seen in the screenshot below:


You can verify that both contract addresses are correct from Statera's official website:

*Note: Remember, when you request your payout, if you have 100 STA, you will only receive 99, as 1% of the tokens are burnt in every transaction as a result of Statera's deflationary token mechanics. Read more about Statera HERE.