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As mentioned in our white paper, Ozee finance is created with the aim of rewarding long term investors, we intend to create an ecosystem where every investors gain interest on their investment made. Hence our team will always work to provide the best use case for our tokens.

Present features of our ecosystem include:

Staking and yield farming

in this process investors will be able to stake and farm their tokens, allowing them to earn up to 50% APY. Also users can add LP on Uniswap and get rewarded from the fees gotten from transactions while providing liquidity to the (ZEE/ETH)peer, and more benefits will be added when our swap DEX goes live.

Staking rewards will be distributed according to the amount of tokens stake in a particular pool, each pool will have a time frame. Withdrawal will be allowed after 3 days of staking and to cancel, users will be requested to pay 2% tax fee and gas fee.


An automated market maker with low fees, fast trading and rewards everyone adding liquidity. With ZEE SWAP DEX, users can farm ZEE and ZSP tokens by providing liquidity with other tokens like USDT USDC ETH.

ZEE SWAP is Fork from Uniswap DEX but with improved mechanism, a product of Ozee finance ecosystem completely decentralized. project owners can list their tokens free of charge without a third party, in the future ZEE SWAP will support locking of liquidity permanently and every projects wanting to use this service will distribute 1% of their token supply to ZEE holders.


ZEE WALLET is the most important part of our ecosystem, a multi purpose Decentralized mobile wallet powered by blockchain technology, it will bring all our products and services into one place, users will be able to store and hold their tokens on our well built defi wallet and be receiving rewards for it every week and can also be able to send, receive and swap tokens, users will also be able to lend and borrow tokens.

Just like every cryptocurrency out there, there will be some down side of Ozee finance so always remember to DYOR before investing.



Email= [email protected]

Telegram= https://t.me/ozeefinance


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Ozee finance
Ozee finance

Ozee finance is a Decentralized payment platform built on Ethereum blockchain with the aim of rewarding long term investors.

Ozee finance
Ozee finance

Ozee finance is a new generation of DeFi, a Decentralized payment system built on the Ethereum blockchain with the aim of rewarding long term investors.

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