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CRYPTO CURRENCY: Site that make you enjoy your day

Examples of Lines

MITCHY keeps being punished in school for several reasons but he just won't change. The stubborn boy was in class one day when the following drama took place...

TEACHER: Children, give me examples of lines that I have taught you.

MIKE: Vertical lines.

TEACHER: Very good, another one.

MERCY: Horizontal line.

TEACHER: Impressive, any other person?
(Akpos from the back raised his hand up)

TEACHER: Great, MITCHY tell us.


Real Movie

A movie director needed an extra to act a scene which involves depicting a gateman. So they offered MITCHY, who was incidentally the gateman at the house they were filming, to play the role. The director gave MITCHY a cutlass and told him to give a pretence chase behind the main actor who was playing the role of a thief. The director said to MITCHY, When you hear action, start chasing this guy with the cutlass. Do you understand? MITCHY nodded in affirmation. Immediately the Director shouted Action, MITCHY did exactly as he was told and started chasing the other actor round the compound. As the actor was about to scale the fence, the director screamed, Cut! Cut! Cut!" The actor is presently recuperating in the hospital due to MITCHY'S design with the cutlass on him....

MITCHY Gets First Class

MITCHY bursts into the house, "Daddy! My CGPA is 4.78!" The father is amazed and says "This calls for a party." The father takes MITCHY on a ride around town to shopping malls and Eateries. He spends all he has including his Month end salary. The father thought to himself, "At least I celebrated my son's success even if I'm eventually broke." When they got home, MITCHY shows his result to his Father. His father looking stunned, angrily snares at his son, "WHAT IS THIS? I thought you said you had a First Class? But what I'm seeing on your result is a Third Class!" MITCHY, who is smiling sheepishly, suddenly shouts, "APRIL FOOL DAD!!!

"What do you think will happen to MITCHY?

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