15JUL21 "No More"

15JUL21 "No More"

No ideas, no direction-
  got too caught up on perfection.
      Not to mention,
         too indecisive- I'm distracted
      in this life that I live. 

"You should get out more, be yourself-
  and if you can't, then you need help."
    Oh, forgot- "what if you kill yourself?"
    So redundant, cyclic timing.
      These voices are always criticizing.

It's tantalizing when I dream,
even the nightmares bring me peace-
  but when I wake,
      I'll just seethe.
    If it's too quiet,
        I won't buy it-
  Where's the problem?
      Gotta find it.

Now, my eyes stay open
  when I'm asleep,
    staring into no belief-
    then I'll wake and take a shower,
      and pray I don't rinse 'n repeat.
But it's been quite the while
    in this cycle-
      it's exhausting,
        I need a break.
  I feel trapped inside my brain-
      there aren't any walls
          and I'm not chained,
    so I'm the master
        keeping myself enslaved-
    keeping me from what I can obtain.

No more.

'Cause, yo, I'm potent,
  let me show it-
    took some time off, yeah
  I know it-
but hey! I'm back now,
      door's are open.

It would be criminal not to advise:
  If you're coming in,
      you should think twice-
  'cause things have changed,
    a whole remodel,
      I've accepted that this is my life.
Honestly, to hell with your advice,
      and I don't care if I don't
        come off as nice.
    I'm taking risks, now, roll the dice.
  Cleaned out my attic,
      ain't perfect,
          but it'll suffice.
Heading out, now, got the keys-
  so just sit back and enjoy the ride.  

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Froste da Poet
Froste da Poet

Hey, all! I am a poet deriving inspiration from the world we live in, and my less than coherent abyss of a mind. 24 years old, my future is still up in the air, but writing will always be here. Love you all, love yourselves and each other.

Overtly Underrated Poetry by Froste
Overtly Underrated Poetry by Froste

Just my place for dumping my poetry. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading :}

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