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15JUL21 "No More"

No ideas, no direction-
  got too caught up on perfection.
      Not to mention,
         too indecisive- I'm distracted
      in this life that I live. 

"You should get out more, be yourself-
  and if you can't, then you need help."
    Oh, forgot- "what if you kill yourself?"
    So redundant, cyclic timing.
      These voices are always criticizing.

It's tantalizing when I dream,
even the nightmares bring me peace-
  but when I wake,
      I'll just seethe.
    If it's too quiet,
        I won't buy it-
  Where's the problem?
      Gotta find it.

Now, my eyes stay open
  when I'm asleep,
    staring into no belief-
    then I'll wake and take a shower,
      and pray I don't rinse 'n repeat.
But it's been quite the while
    in this cycle-
      it's exhausting,
        I need a break.
  I feel trapped inside my brain-
      there aren't any walls
          and I'm not chained,
    so I'm the master
        keeping myself enslaved-
    keeping me from what I can obtain.

No more.

'Cause, yo, I'm potent,
  let me show it-
    took some time off, yeah
  I know it-
but hey! I'm back now,
      door's are open.

It would be criminal not to advise:
  If you're coming in,
      you should think twice-
  'cause things have changed,
    a whole remodel,
      I've accepted that this is my life.
Honestly, to hell with your advice,
      and I don't care if I don't
        come off as nice.
    I'm taking risks, now, roll the dice.
  Cleaned out my attic,
      ain't perfect,
          but it'll suffice.
Heading out, now, got the keys-
  so just sit back and enjoy the ride.  

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Froste Ambivi
Froste Ambivi

thanks for perusing me lol desperately want people to follow my new Twitter @fambivi

Overtly Underrated Poetry by Froste
Overtly Underrated Poetry by Froste

Just my place for dumping my poetry. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading :}

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