Lovers' Night

A sincere and kind song about the night!


Hello, my dear friends, guests and subscribers of my channel. Greetings to you all!

Today I want to introduce you to my new song about the night! It will be illustrated with beautiful photographs of night landscapes.

The song is quite unusual, it's about love and fidelity, about love under the eternal moon... The song is about walking at night with your girlfriend, about kisses and vows of loyalty, about happiness and separation.

A lot happens at night, at night lovers meet and part, forgive each other, and swear eternal love... This cannot be stopped, changed, or predetermined. The night will hide the lovers in darkness. Let it stay that way! That's what my song is about. I wish you all a pleasant listening experience! See you soon, my dear friends!

I really love a mysterious night for lovers...

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My name is Vladimir, I am a musician and a songwriter. I play a six-string acoustic guitar and perform songs of my own composition.

Original guitar songs
Original guitar songs

Hi! My name is Vladimir, I play acoustic guitar, and I perform songs of my own composition.

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