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Everything about coinpot tokens

Did you know that the highest-yielding asset is not available through conventional wallets?

In the search for high-interest investment opportunities, the thought or fear of too drastic price fluctuations comes up again and again, because I only want to invest in liquid funds, I regularly need euros from my investments to cover payments.

So if I invest in crypto currencies, I am always dependent on the current rate at the time of the change back to euros and can always make drastic losses in the event of an unfavorable price development despite the high interest on my investment.

So what is this Coinpot Token and why is it so special?

The Coinpot Token is only available via the Coinpot Microwallet, once registered with the platform you will receive five different crypto addresses listed here.


Very low payout limits will quickly prove the legitimacy of Coinpot to you.

Taking into account the minimum deposit and withdrawal limits, you can send any cryptos to external addresses, as well as exchange them internally in one of the other currencies available here, the exchange value is calculated according to the real-time exchange rate and is free of charge.

Or you swap for the sixth option, which this article also deals with in the Coinpot Token, I will list the special features here.


You can get these coinpot tokens in three different ways.


Variation number one

especially for higher investments in coinpot tokens the only realistic chance to actually receive them quickly.

Is the direct deposit in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin or Dogecoin on your Coinpot account. Do you want e.g. 100,000 tokens you should transfer this $ 10 in any of the available crypto currencies to your account. You can then exchange the received crypto type for coinpot tokens directly on Coinpot.


Variation number two

Areas of up to 100,000 tokens can either be generated via the seven accessible free connections. Daily management represents an investment of time, which is not really lucrative without properly using the interest.

With every claim of free capital you will receive the respective crypto type but also three coinpot tokens if you have less than 100,000 coinpot tokens. The more capital, the more you get for managing your connections in terms of your free coinpot tokens.


Variation number three

Any other amount of Coinpot Token can be generated by referring to the seven free connections.



I haven't found anything that earns anywhere near that high interest. The paid-in capital is actually always available from a certain amount and is not dependent on Crypto price fluctuations. Coinpot is also a free exchange option and can also be viewed on a small scale as a trading platform, provided you understand the premise of Bitcoin, trading means trading with a double leverage, you can own Coinpot tokens (singularly at a dollar rate of $ 0.0001) in See this parable as Bitcoin Shorten or Crypto value protection.

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Advantages: No transaction costs

Disadvantages: No direct way to buy cryptos

Atomic Wallet 

Advantages: Airdrop and Staking my Favourites AWC 20 % p.a. Atom 10 % p.a.

Disadvantage:Crypto only per Credit Card 


Advantages: First purchase bonus of approx. € 10 when investing € 100 or more in Bitcoin.

Disadvantages: High transaction costs

further wallets 

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