CoinPayments the future of paying?

By SMikex420 | Bitcoin now | 28 Aug 2020



Hey guys

In this short article, I'll show you a tool that allows you to do it Cryptopayments to take on.

The tool is called CoinPayments and can be used in numerous online shop models such as ECWID integrate.

Once integrated, you can now receive crypto payments fully automatically via your shop module, an extensive selection of selectable and deselectable crypto currencies is available.

In order to bill directly on site, you of course also have a cash register system in which you can also manually enter the amount to be paid.

The low fees for the transactions are hardly comparable with any other provider of such services, tools that enable you to do the same with euro payments such as First of all, SumUp require a registered business, and the costs for transactions are definitely higher, but we are also overjoyed with our SumUp system, considering that Bitcoin is the future anyway, they could possibly consider adapting Cryptos.

However, if you currently want to pay with Bitcoin at Magic Dreads, this will currently be done via CoinPayments.

For transactions between friends or confidants, it is still advisable to send your cryptos directly from your Nexo wallet without transaction costs from 0.001 BTC or between two Coinbase accounts you can also transfer your cryptos at no cost.

As a business or online shop, however, you need an interface for various payment systems, and this is exactly what CoinPayments offers. Direct cashing in front of customers also has a more serious effect when entered into a cash register system, and because of this, we are happy to pay this minimal transaction fee for this service.


Do you settle anything, just enter the euro price and off you go to cash.

thank you for reading

your SMikeX420

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