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By SMikex420 | Bitcoin now | 27 Aug 2020



Hi Guys,

Yesterday I wanted to write a report about my very beloved Brave Browser, but I couldn't find my refer link for it.

In search of it, I of course scoured my Brave Creator account, but no, I couldn't find the link there either.

So I searched various Telegram tools with which I refer links such as BTC click bot, but I couldn't find my link there either.


A little frustrated by the search, I just looked at a few ads about the BTC Klick Bot

to the point where a link caught my attention.

Click on the links in this article and you will notice that these are particularly shortened, namely via a tool in the Crypto Tab Browser, which represents a real Bitcoin mining function, hence the Bitcoin Chart.

CB.click is the name of this miracle weapon that allows integration into the browser. The link itself is a double-edged sword, you refer your Crypto Tab Browser link including the link you shortened.

OrangePie offers another Cryptotab integration that helps you earn more.

Have fun with this tool and endless references

your SMikeX420 

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Bitcoin now

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