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Free 1FLR crypto tokens on polygon

By Baxpian | My crypto dreams | 1 Dec 2022

This year flare tokens turned into crypto, and it is cheap now, but who knows how much it will cost in next years. And if you can receive tokens for free, why not do it?

The way you can daily earn some big amount of tokens is the rock paper scissors game, but you don't want to play. You are only for free crypto so when you log in click on this spinning circle.


Then you have daily 2 spins here, one for free second for watching an ad. The amount, for now, is from 25-150 tokens from one spin so it is over 25 times more than on the daily faucet on their site! 

There is mine today's spins :)



If you want to join me and collect some free crypto tokens in this bearish crypto winter check link below



If you want to support me you can check out other sites I used to earn some extra crypto



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Free BTC every 1-hour            

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i am just addicted to crypto

My crypto dreams
My crypto dreams

i am trying to learn, earn and dream

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