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By NkamiEbri | OpinionsReviews | 29 Jun 2019



I present to you #CORETO, a platform that will acts as a link for every one in the blockchain ecosystem to come together, teaching the people the power and values of blockchain. 

The platform will be large and will offer all participants closeness to experts in the various aspects of crypto, writers, content creators, influencers, investors will all be a few clicks away. Coreto will present genuine information and data so we get to make wise decisions. 



The crypto community and blockchain ecosystem has seen a large boom in growth and development compared to any economy, this has been the major reason there have been a lot of investors, this investors with the little information(which are most times false) make investments and decisions based on trial and error, increasing the risk of getting rekt exponentially, the investments are based on luck like a spinning wheel, the investors only have to pray and hope the investments don't go down the drain, and in cases where there is little gain they panic as a result of uncertainty. 






One of the key features of Coreto is the Stacking of Opinion Pool (SOOP). The staking of opinion pool is where the community presents data based on personal opinion, the data collected from the crowd gives the community a general view of everyone on a project, investment, cryptocurrency and thought. 


A particular person doing a research on a crypto project always finds it difficult especially if the project is new and upcoming, the time that will be used to get the relevant and accurate information will be too much, seeing how any new project available online always have a one sided opinion being spread from the projects marketing branch. 

In cases like this the wisdom of the crowd comes handy, different sources with different opinions criticizing, supporting and stating their views gives a new investor a view into the mindset of users towards the researched project. 

A popular adage in the crypto space talks about investors always having to do it yourself (DYOR), meaning Do Your Own Research, with Coreto a user can get useful, truthful and genuine information, identifying the challenges to come and ignoring bad bloggers and individuals just posing clickbaits. 

Coreto is the right platform for investors, influencers and blockchain projects to interact transparently, get guidance from the right source, which will help me and you to make the right decisions and investments and reach our financial targets. 



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