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By grandpere | Opinions | 21 Dec 2018

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Note: this article is a translation - with the help of Google Translate - of an article published in French on the -xmry

Launching a new product or service on the Web and getting attention is not easy. Creating the event that will make the "one" and that will produce a "buzz" or a "hit" is often a matter of chance and "timing". Even massive marketing does not always achieve the anticipated results.

In general, a product or service reaches a "certain popularity" if it answers and satisfies a need.

In the field of social networks, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have responded to the needs of people to communicate with each other in an easy and friendly way, to have the satisfaction of being read, commented on and shared.

No need to make the marketing of the product: the need is transmitted from one person to another and becomes viral.

Recently, a new dimension has been added: the financial reward linked to communication. However, a certain ideology, technology and greed have dislodged satisfaction in communication.

Strangely, it seems like it does not work.

After nearly 3 years and more than 400 dApps, the activity decreases on Steemit - registrations, posts, comments - thus affecting the value of the currency. Sectarian discourse and reward strategies, which join a small community, have driven many users away.

So, is it possible to change the paradigm? Is it possible to restore the pleasure of communication, the satisfaction of creating, of being read and shared in a simple and diversified environment?

In the case of a blog, the financial reward is not an end in itself but it can be an asset for the participants. By giving value to a product, it is a safe bet that it will result in a valuation of the currency that supports it.

Publish0x, with some improvements, could already largely meet this need as long as it can recruit a more diversified clientele. I have already published a report about this in

Publish0x already has:

  • a simple, efficient and operational interface 
  • a reward system where the user determines the sharing of a pool between him and an author without reference to time, its influence and other variables.

However, some additions could improve the product of which here are some proposals:

  • promote a diversity of blogs
  • highlighting blogs by displaying them in a side column
  • possibility of bookmarks on blogs, tags and authors posted on the user's page
  • in the posts section, posting of people who have rewarded my publications
  • a % of the pool on comments 
  • notifications for comments received
  • the multi-language
  • an explanatory document on the mission and operating rules


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