ScreenStream V3.1.0 - Transformed Settings Page, Added The Ability To Automatic Start/Stop Streaming, To Crop An Image, A share button on the Home screen, A confirmation dialog for sending logs.

By Solomon Stephen | OpenSource | 22 Apr 2019

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A month ago, I introduced a project by Dkrivoruchko, and I titled the blog post "The Easiest Way To Broadcast Phone's Screen To Web Browsers Using ScreenStream". You are advised to read the post if you need to know an easy way to broadcast your Android screen with any device you are on the same connection with.
In today's post, I will bring to you the latest happenings in the project. I am happy to see that the project now has a new version after I introduced it.


What's New?

  • Transformation of the settings page
  • Added the ability to automatic start/stop streaming
  • Added the ability to crop an image
  • Added a share button on the Home screen
  • Added a confirmation dialog for sending logs
  • Added Privacy Policy
  • Fixed Hindi translation

As you have seen from the list above that the project owner has improved the application with a lot of new features and adjustments. I will talk about the latest changes and my experience with them.

A. Transformation of the settings page

The very first time I used ScreenStream, I gave appreciated the project owner for his hard work on this project. I was overwhelmed with the list of the options in the app's Settings page. Although, the settings page was extra long because of too many features. But guess what? The project's Settings page has been modified. The screenshot below shows how the new Settings page looks like now.


What changed?

I have explained in my previous paragraph that the old Settings page contain several options, making it very long when scrolling. But, from the screenshot above, you can see that the project owner has transformed the page by splitting the options according to their categories. This way, users don't have to scroll too much. Instead, they'll have to tap on each of the categories to view the options under them.

B. Ability to automatic start/stop streaming

With this feature, clients are now being able to trigger the Host's start button. After it's being triggered, the host device would get a pop screen to start it. If started, the connection would be established. This is possible if only the client has the Host's streaming link. THe Host has its automatic start/stop streamingenabled.


The previous version of the project lacked this feature, and still, no one complained. But, since it's now available, then, it's a plus-one for ScreenStream over its competitors. This option would make users have a stress-free experience while using the app.
The very first time I tried streaming with this feature, I expected it to start immediately after the client triggered the connection. But it didn't. I had to click on Start Now.
Well, I think it's better this way. Because, if the client was able to trigger and start the connection without the Host knowing, then it's definitely a bad idea. I am happy it's a different case with ScreenStream since I had to confirm the connection as a Host.

C. Ability to crop an image

As a Host, you have access to control what your client sees. The latest version of ScreenStream now has the option for a Host to crop the client's screen view. Also, the Host has different options to set the top, bottom, left, and right pixel of the client's screen.






I was able to crop my client's screen view with the latest feature. I would have provided gifs of both Host, and client screen during the operation. But, it isn't possible to use a screen recording app while you're hosting a connection with ScreenStream.

C. Ability to share connection address

The older version of ScreenStream only has the options to copy and open the link to a connection. But with the latest version, users can share the link connection with other users or installed apps.


C. Added a confirmation dialog for sending logs

With the older version of the app, users can send logs to the developer/project owner by clicking on Send logs to developer button. Even with the latest version, users can still send logs. But, an additional dialog has been added which will pop up when the user clicks on send logs. The purpose of this feature is for users to enter the description of the log(s) to be sent.

D. Privacy Policy

The project now has a Privacy Policy on the about page of the app. This isn't a new change, as it was added over a month ago. With this change, users can easily access the Privacy Policy without having to launch their browsers and start searching for the project on Github. Clicking on the about page automatically opens the file on GitHub.

E. Hindi translation fixed

There was little code clean up in Hindi translation file. For example, This line of code
<string name="app_activity_error_ip_address_not_found">IP पता नहीं मिला। \ n सेटिंग में \ "केवल वाईफाई का उपयोग करें" को निष्क्रिय करने की कोशिश करें।</string>
was changed to
<string name="app_activity_error_ip_address_not_found">IP पता नहीं मिला। \n सेटिंग में \"केवल वाईफाई का उपयोग करें\" को निष्क्रिय करने की कोशिश करें।</string>
If you want to see the complete code change, you can click here

Latest features vs features in other apps

From my previous post on this project, I compared it with MicaCast. So today, I checked if it has any latest version but, there isn't. I also checked if I would see any similar feature, but there isn't. After checking several apps on PlayStore, I still preferred ScreenStream over them. Most of them have ads embedded in them, and some have a pro version.

Changes after the latest feature

The project owner has changed the screenshots in the repository Readme file. This change occurred an hour after the latest release.


Even though it took the project owner a lot of time to release this version after the previous one, I still liked the latest changes, and I appreciate him for the good work. I look forward to seeing more features in the app.

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