Selling on Print-On-Demand Marketplaces To Make Money

By MicaR | Online Venture | 22 May 2024

Ecommerce is one of the best ways to make money online, you can see some of the world's biggest companies are actually eCommerce companies, for example, Amazon, eBay, etc. Ecommerce even helped Jeff Bezos to become the richest man on earth.

The scope of eCommerce is really big, however, this does not mean everyone can succeed. Just like a traditional business model, eCommerce is also very competitive. You need to develop or manufacture products, if you are not manufacturing your own product, you need to acquire products from third-party manufacturers, you then have to develop your online store, and then market your store. The toughest competition you will be facing is will be from big eCommerce giants like Amazon. You will have to prove that it is safe to buy products from your store and that you are offering high-quality products, Instead of selling your own products, dropshipping, print-on-demand, and selling digital items might be better options because your investment will be relatively small, however, this also does not mean you can easily sell your products. The competition is tough, you will have to spend a lot of money. If you want to succeed in eCommerce you need digital marketing skills.

I am using a lot of Print-On-Demand marketplaces. If you use print-on-demand methods to sell online, you can start selling your products for zero cost. Since these marketplaces already have a lot of buyers, selling is also relatively easier compared to selling from your own store.

Different Print-On-Demand Marketplaces

I am on Fine Are America, which is a Print-On-Demand marketplace for artworks. On this platform, you can sell artworks such as canvas print, posters, phone covers, tote bags, cushions, etc. I have uploaded a couple of photographs and digital arts on this marketplace that customers can order as canvas or other items.

I am using RedBubble. This is a marketplace where you can upload your image and create any kind of products you want including apparel, coffee mugs, etc. When your product is purchased, RedBubble will print these products and ship them to the customers. This is a completely free marketplace where you can automate your business. 

I am also using Printful. I am selling tote bags, stickers, coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc. on Printful. I have not sold a lot of products, though.

Pixels is an art marketplace and print-on-demand store. On Pixels, you can make money by selling your art and design. You can not only make money by selling your art and digital images but also by selling print and demand products like T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, etc. This is one f the best art and print-on-demand marketplaces.

Best Product to Sell On Print-On-Demand Marketplace

In my opinion, T-shirts are one of the most successful products to be sold online. You can sell T-shirts in multiple ways, one, you can dropship, two, you can print your own T-shirt through screen printing and sell through your own store, three, you can sell through a print-on-demand store, four, you can procure readymade T-shirts and sell through your own store., five, you can sell it on third-party marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Teespring, etc. If you are selling online, you need to create a matching product that will increase your sales. For example, if you are selling coffee mugs, you can try creating stickers that have a similar print to your coffee mugs, you can create T-shirts and tote bags, or even flip-flops with the matching print. This is a simple yet very effective, method to drive sales.

Dropshipping Vs. Print-On-Demand: Which is Profitable

Dropshipping: You can do dropshipping on third-party marketplaces, but this business is basically done by creating your own store, importing products and product information from your supplier’s website to your own store, and starting selling from your store. When products are sold, your supplier will ship the product. The difference in your selling price and cost price is your earnings.

Print-On-Demand: This is similar to dropshipping because you do not have to create or ship product, however, this business method requires you to create the product you want to sell digitally, for instance, if you want to sell flip-flips, you will have to create a design and then upload the design on the Print-On-Demand marketplace and create the product.


In my experience, Print-On-Demand is better than dropshipping. First of all, you do not have to spend money setting up your store, secondly, the Print-On-Demand marketplaces already have a lot of customers, therefore selling is easy, and thirdly, everything works on autopilot.

How to Create Designs for Your Print-On-Demand Business

You can also sell physical items online without actually creating them yourself and without having to fulfill the order. This method of selling is called print-on-demand. In order to sell print-on-demand products, you will have to create products on a print provider store and then integrate your print provider account with eCommerce marketplaces or your own website and list your product for sale. You need to create a digital design for your product.

Print-On-Demand or POD in short is a business model where you only have to create a design. You don’t have to manufacture the product or fulfill the order. However, this business model requires you to design products. In order to design products, you need graphic design skills.

Do you need to spend a lot of time mastering graphic designing skills?

Well, that’s not necessary.

Do you have to spend a lot of money to buy graphic designing software?

Well, that’s also not necessary.

You can use drag-and-drop tools and free tools to create designs for your print-on-demand business

Go to and start creating designs by using premade templates.

Go to and start creating designs for free. This tool is exactly a copy of photoshop and it is browser-based so you do not have to download anything. If you have some level of skills, you can use this free to use graphic design platform.

Go to and start creating the designs. You can also use stencil as chrome and firefox extensions or wordpress plugin.

Go to or You can find royalty-free images, illustrations, and art for your designs.

If you do not want to create designs yourself, you can go to and purchase designs that you can use on your products. You can also find designs on

Easiest Ways to Design Products for Print-on-Demand Business

Print-on-Demand Business requires you to create designs that you will be using on your products. However, if you do not have design skills, you might not be able to design your own products, and you might have to hire someone to design or buy designs. Interestingly, there are methods that will help you design products easily without the need for graphic designing skills

Go to This is an AI-based designing tool. The tool will create art, illustrations, and images based on the instructions you give to the AI. For example, if you tell it to create a “monkey eating pizza illustration” it will generate an illustration in 2-3 minutes. By using Craiyon, you can create any kind of image. The images will depend on how you provide instructions.

The design you create on Craiyon is not very good. Therefore, you will have to go to, and open the image, do light and color correction, add captions, etc. is just like photoshop, however, if you cannot use this site, go to, whch is a drag and drop designing tool, upload the image you created on Craiyon, and add text, icons, etc. to create better designs for your product.

By using these platforms, you will be able to create designs that you can use on your products.

Graphic Design Tools for Print-On-Demand Sellers

Even though you are not fulfilling the order, you will have to design your own product in order to start your Print-Om-Demand business. Therefore, you will have to be a graphic designer and have skills to use programs like photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Interestingly, there are also tools that make the designing process simple. For example, you can use Canva to design your product. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to use Canva.

Well, there are a lot of useful design tools for Print-On-Demand sellers.

Canva + Creative Fabrica: You can acquire digital designs from a marketplace like Creative Fabrica or Creative Market and design your product on Canva using those designs. You can use this website to do almost anything related to graphic design and product mockup. This is a good platform for beginners as well as professionals.


Top 5 Websites to Make Money With Print On Demand

Print on Demand is a business model where you design a product virtually and list it for sale on your store, and when the product is purchased, the platform where you designed the product will create the product and ship to the buyer’s address. This is almost similar to dropshipping. However, the basic difference is on dropshipping you sell ready-to-be-shipped products, whereas, on print on demand business, the product will be created only after it is ordered. The difference between your cost price (the money you pay to design and create a product) and the selling price (the price you sell your product for) is your net profit.

If you want to do Print-on-demand business, you will be overwhelmed seeing the number of platforms available. For a newbie, all looks great. However, I am trying to make it easier for you by shortlisting 5 platforms that you can use to make money with Print On Demand.






These 5 Print-on-demand marketplaces are trustworthy, they cover a huge market in Print-on-demand business structure. All of these platforms are great, but each one of them is entirely different from another. Each one of these platforms has pros and cons when it comes to doing Print on Demand business.

How to Start a Print-on-Demand Business With RedBubble

There are numerous Print-on-Demand marketplaces like Cafe Press, Spreadshirt, etc. but the best marketplace according to my opinion is RedBubble.

RedBubble is a Print-On-Demand marketplace based in Australia. It is the biggest marketplace for Print-on-Demand business with its own Print-On-demand factory, and annual revenue of 215 million USD. If you are thinking about starting your own Print On Demand Business you should definitely go with RedBubble because every month millions of customers visit RedBubble to make a purchase. It has monthly traffic of 26.19 million, with an average visit duration of 6.19 minutes

RedBubble is the ideal marketplace for newbies because it is really easy to get started. All you need to do is upload the design. They will take care of the rest of the things from printing your product to shipping to the buyer’s address. You don’t even have to advertise your product on RedBubble because millions of people are already visiting RedBubble regularly.

It does not cost money to sign up or upload product designs. When your product is sold, RedBubble cuts product printing and shipping fees and gives the remaining money to you.

Whether you want to make money as a side hustle or want to earn a full-time income by doing online business, RedBubble is for you.

Etsy Vs. Teespring: Which Platform is Good For Print-On-Demand Business

Etsy is one of the best marketplaces for handmade crafted goods, including Print on demand products. Etsy has its own Print-on-Demand Store called Smash Transit. However, they do not have their own Print-on-Demand factory, therefore, they outsource their work with stores that can be integrated with their platform. One such platform is Printful, another one is called Printify.

Etsy is one of the top 100 websites in the world making billions of dollars in annual profit. If you are serious about starting an online business and yet do not have a lot of money for investment, you should definitely try Etsy. You have to pay 20 cents per item listed and also run ads on Etsy to drive sales.

Teespring is yet another popular Print on Demand marketplace with its own print-on-demand factory. There are no upfront costs to sell on Teespring (they don’t charge for the listing products, they will cut the commission on the product sold). One of the major disadvantages of using Teespring is they don’t show products when someone searches on a certain category. They only display products from sellers who have Trust Score. You get Trust Score only after a few successful sales. If you are new, you will have to use social media to drive sales. If you have a huge following, you might be able to sell your products on Teespring.

Shopify Vs. Amazon: Which Platform is Best to Make Money Online

Shopify is an eCommerce content management system. It is used to create online stores. Amazon, on the other hand, is the world’s largest online store. Interestingly, Amazon also offers programs where indie sellers can sell their products through Amazon’s selling programs like FBA, Merch By Amazon, etc. Now, you might one to know which platform is better to make money by selling products online?


Shopify can be used to build any kind of store such as selling with inventory, dropshipping, or print on demand. Recently, when budding entrepreneurs were asked “What is your favorite platform to build a Print-On-Demand Business, 45 percent voted for Shopify, followed by RedBubble with 24 percent, Etsy 13 percent, Cafe Press 3 percent, and other 15 percent. By using Shopify, you will have your online store on your own domain. Shopify also allows you to connect your store with other services like Printful, Printify making it easier to build Print-On-demand Store.


Amazon gets 2.37 billion monthly traffic. You can imagine the size of its market. People visiting Amazon spend 7 minutes on average and visit 9 pages on average. You can assume the conversion rate on Amazon. The Print-On-Demand service on Amazon is called Merch By Amazon. Amazon has its own Print-On-Demand factory. It is free but, they will have to approve your account manually before you can start.

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