How to Start Selling on Etsy and Make Money

By MicaR | Online Venture | 23 May 2024

Business generally refers to selling products and services. You can create any kind of services or products to sell. You can even sell someone's products to make money. Setting up an online business does not take a lot of time or money, but what is difficult is surviving the competition. If you are looking forward to building an online business, consider Etsy

Making Passive Income on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that gets hundreds of millions of visitors every month. You can also take the benefit of Etsy traffic by selling your products and making money online. You might ask why should I start on Etsy, there is eBay, a more popular and even bigger marketplace? While you can sell anything on eBay, on Etsy you can sell only handmade products or vintage products. If you specialize in creating your own products, Etsy is a better marketplace to make money.

Interestingly, the products you sell on Etsy do not have to be physical items, you can sell digital items and make passive income. In fact, selling physical items cannot be considered passive income because you will have to manufacture the products and ship the product when someone buys them, in order to sell more products, you will have to create more products. Nevertheless, for digital products, you will have to create products only once, you can sell the same product again and again and you don’t have to ship it, the buyer will download it with a few clicks.

If you are interested in selling on Etsy, you might want to know what kind of digital products you can sell on Etsy. Well, you can sell social media templates, for instance, templates for Instagram, digital files like T-shirt designs, printables, etc.

How to Build a Business on Etsy

There are a lot of ways to build a business on Etsy but I will explain a simple method.

Create an account on Etsy.

Go to Printify and create an account. You might have never heard of something called Printify, might know nothing about creating print-on-demand products, but Printify is a very popular Print On Demand shop.

Use Printify product creation tools to create products.

Connect your Printify account with Etsy and list your products.

When your products get sold, Printify will fulfill the order and you make money.

In this whole process, you will pay 20 cents per product to list on Etsy and spend some money on Etsy ads. You pay to Printify only when the product is sold.

This business model is actually as easy as it sounds. Etsy has a small listing fee and Printify is super easy.

Try Etsy and Printify. This is better than a normal dropshipping business.

You can start selling on Etsy even if you have zero experience. Creating products on Printify is also easy, you can create products on Printify with a few clicks and start selling those products on Etsy immediately.

This business model is called Print On Demand, and it is very profitable as you need a small investment to establish the business.

How to Run Ads For Your Etsy Listing to Generate Sales

Even though you might have never tried Etsy, you have possibly heard of Etsy. If you are looking forward to building a business but do not have a lot of money to start the business, you should probably try Etsy. Before you head over to Etsy to create an account and list your products, you need to know certain things, for example:

Etsy allows you to sell only handmade items or vintage items (items that are at least 20 years old).

You will have to pay a flat listing fee of 20 cents per product.

You will also have to run ads to sell products. This is not mandatory, though. Etsy offers CPC ads, which means you will pay only when your ad gets clicked. How much you pay for ads depends on the number of clicks on your ads and the place where your ads appear. The CPC rates differ from listing to listing and every time your ad appears in internal search results.

Since you pay for the ads only when your ads are clicked, running ads for your products can be considered profitable. When your ads get clicked, it is very likely that the user clicked on the product because he/she is interested in buying the product. The average ad conversion rate for Etsy is 2.61 percent.

Business generally refers to selling products and services. YOu can create any kind of services or products to sell. You can even sell someone's products to make money. Setting up an online business does not take a lot of time or money, but what is difficult is surviving the competition.

How to Build a Profitable Etsy Shop

My first attempt at selling on Etsy was not very good, I spent money to list products, I spent money on ads, yet I did not make any profits. If you are trying to sell on Etsy, you might learn from my mistakes.

Find a profitable niche: My major mistake was trying to sell what I wanted to sell, I did not try to see what people are actually buying. In order to generate sales, you need to sell items in a profitable niche.

Sell trending designs and products: Don’t try to create a unique product, instead, try to sell trending designs and products. By doing so your product will appear on the Etsy algorithm and will appear in suggest/similar products category.

Sell personalized items: Etsy has a different audience compared to Amazon or eBay. On Etsy, buyers come to buy personalized items, an item that can incorporate their emotions and sentiments. That’s why Etsy is a great marketplace to sell seasonal and gift items.

What to Sell on Etsy When You are a First-Time Seller

Etsy is one of the top ten online marketplaces (based on traffic and revenue), therefore, it is very popular not only among the buyers but also among sellers. If you are starting on Etsy for the first time, you might be confused about what to sell.

You can sell physical products, digital products, and print-on-demand products on Etsy. For the first-time seller, I suggest you sell either digital products or print-on-demand products or both.

Selling Digital Products: Digital products are a profitable niche, however, in order to sell digital products you need graphic design skills to create digital products. If you do not have the skills to create workbooks, digital designs, social media templates, etc. how can you create digital products?

Selling Print-On-Demand Products: When you chose this niche, all you need to do is create a product mock-up, the product will be fulfilled by the print-on-demand store. You still need graphic designing skills but if you don’t have the skills, you can buy designs for as low as $1 on other marketplaces.

Want to Make Money On Etsy? Start Selling Stickers

Stickers are one of the high-selling items on Etsy. If you want to start making money on Etsy, start selling stickers.

How to get started?

You need graphic designing skills to design stickers. You also need a photo printer and paper with adhesive on one side to print your stickers. Canon photo printer cost around $10,000 and HP photo printer cost around $8000. Create a sticker design and put it on sale on Etsy. When someone buys, it prints the sticker and ships it to the buyer.

If you are a beginner and do not want to invest a huge amount in a photo printer, you can use a print-on-demand shop to print stickers for you. You can create a design and list for sale, when your product is ordered, you can forward the order to the print-on-demand shop and submit your buyers shipping details. The print-on-demand shop will fulfill your order.

How much money you can make?                                                 

On average you can earn a 20-50 percent profit margin.

Selling Strategies That Work on Etsy

A few weeks before the holiday time, make products that can be sold during the holidays, or make products that people like to gift other people, and then list these products on Etsy. and make money by selling items. For instance, you can start making Christmas candles in November and then start selling the candles for Christmas. You might also make sweaters, caps, hats, bags, blankets, and towels with Christmas themes and sell these items. However, selling is not easy, you will have to work really hard to market your product and sell the product. Etsy Ads might come in handy.

If you are an old seller, you might not have to spend money on ads because old sellers are automatically pushed by the Etsy algorithm. That's because the Etsy algorithm favors sellers who have already sold items, sellers, who have positive reviews, and sellers who get a lot of visits to their store and clicks on the products. However, if you have just started out, Etsy does not knows who you are, whether your products are valuable or not, or whether people will like your products or not. Therefore, Etsy doe snot care about new sellers. You need to earn trust from the Etsy algorithm to push your products on the searches, related/similar products category. In order to do that SEO is not enough. A lot of sellers apply the same SEO strategy and you will be easily defeated by experienced sellers. Therefore, the only way to survive the competition is to run ads.


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