How to Make Money From Side Hustles

By MicaR | Online Venture | 4 Jun 2024

Side hustles are for those who have a full-time job and want to work extra hours and make money. For instance, you have a 9-5 job, and after your work hours, you work in a bar as a bartender or sing in a club, drive an uber, etc. During the weekends you work many hours and make a good income. By working on side hustles you are not only utilizing your time which otherwise would be spent playing games and watching TV, but also making additional income. One of the major benefits of a side hustle is you can earn extra. If you have not been able to save money or invest money, you can use your extra income to make an investment or save. Side hustles are not only available offline but also online. You can choose a side hustle according to your interest, knowledge, and skills. There are side hustle opportunities for everyone.

Is It Easy to Make Money Through Side Hustles

If you have a full-time job, it will be very difficult to work on side hustles. Let's say you have 9-5 working hours, can you work on a side hustle before you head over to your workplace? Certainly not because you have to prepare for going to the workplace. Can you work on a side hustle after office hours? Possibly not, you will be tired to your bones and how can you work? Well, you might be able to work on weekends, however, life is not only about working and earning money, it is also about having fun, meeting people you care about, etc. Therefore, even during the weekends, you might not be able to work on a side hustle. I am saying this based on my own experience. When I had a full-time job, I could not work on a side hustle even if I wanted to, I even could not do remote work.

If you have 9-5 jobs, can you work additional 1-2 hours? If your answer is yes, there are numerous ways to make money in your free time. However, what method you should use depends on a number of factors such as your interest, skills, and expertise. If you have graphic design, you can start applying for graphic designing jobs on upwork or start selling graphics designing services on fiverr. You can also start creating digital products like workbooks, digital designs, and digital arts and sell these items, or use your designs to create print-on-demand products and make money by selling these items.

Virtual skills like search engine marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, data analytics, cloud computing, etc. are some of the highly paid skills. You can earn a lot of money if you have these skills. If you want to make money online, you need the skills to work online. If you don't have virtual skills, you will not be able to earn well. Based on your interest, you need to develop your virtual skills. If you are interested in writing, you can try content writing, if you are interested in video, you can try video content development. The key to earning is to have better skills

Easiest Side Hustle to Make a Lot of Money

Here is an easy side hustle that lets you make a lot of money in a short time and the best part is you do not need professional-level skills. You just need simple skills to fix website issues.

First of all, you need to go to and create an account, and then create a posting. Choose the community option and click volunteer.  Now create a posting where you are helping businesses and website owners to help fix issues like user interface, user experience, website speed, broken links, SEO, digital marketing, etc.

You will then receive messages from businesses and individuals. Copy their website address and go to and sign up for a free account and paste the website address you received from Craigslist member. This tool will load all web pages on the website and tell you what’s wrong with each of these pages. If you do not know how to fix these issues, you can click on fix button that will tell you to want should be done. The website offers tutorials on how to fix issues. You can watch the tutorial videos and fix the issues. Offer a few fixes for free and charge money for the remaining work. You don’t need elaborate skills to do this.

Side Hustles That Can Make You Really Good Money

In order to build your net worth, you will have to build multiple sources of income. Don’t just depend on your job, try to do a side hustle and build your second, or third income. If you don’t know what you should do, just make a list of your passion, and try to explore your passion.

If you want to build your net worth, you should never rely on your single income source. For example, if you have a job, you should also look elsewhere to make extra bucks.

Here is one interesting side hustle that can make you a lot of money, anywhere from $1000 per month to $5000 per month by working just 1-2 hours every day.

The job is Video Editing

The market for video content is growing. Until 6-7 years ago, youtube had a monopoly. Then TikTok launched in 2016. Facebook Videos came in 2017. TikTok’s short videos became so popular that Youtube introduced youtube shorts in 2020 and Instagram followed the suite with Instagram, Reels the same year, and Facebook started Reels in 2021. The reason why these companies started offering video content because consumers had a great appeal for video content.

These days everyone wants to create videos whether for exploring creativity, marketing and advertising, or making money. Sadly, not many people have the skills.

As a video editor, you can offer your services to the video content creator across different platforms. You can offer you services through Fiverr or Upwok. Make sure your profile stands out. You can upload your sample videos and provide the appropriate list of what you can do.

Side Hustles: Make Printable Greeting Cards and Sell Online

With the development of internet, and the popularity of social media, a lot of people believed that greeting cards will be out of fashion, however, greetings are still in use and people buy and send greeting cards. Interestingly, the demand for greeting cards has also created a new opportunity for graphic artists to make money online. You can create greeting cards that users can pay to download and print. There are a lot of platforms to work on this side hustle.

Designing Greeting Card

The first step of selling greeting card is to design it. If you use photoshop, illustrator or any other graphic designing tools, you can easily create greeting cards, however, if you do not use these software, you can still use drag and drop graphic designing tool like Canva to create greeting cards.

Selling Greeting Cards

There are a lot of platforms were you can sell your greeting cards, however, my preferred choice is Etsy. That’s because Etsy is an ultimate destination for buying gift items. Etsy also has a low selling cost, you only pay 20 cents to list the product and additional 6.6 percent selling fees after the product s sold. There are no other hidden charges or subscription fees, however, if you want you can run Etsy ads to increase the chances of selling on Etsy.

Side Hustle Idea Sell Canva Templates

If you want to make money without spending a lot of money to create products to sell prodocts, you need to try Canva and Etsy.

While photoshop, illustrator etc. might be the best graphic designing software, these products are very expensive. Even of you managed to spend money on these products, yu need to spend months, even years to master the skills required to use these software. A better option is to use a free tool like Canva. When you are using Canva, you start with an existing template and drag and drop other elements, therefore, designing anything on Canva is super simple. Canva also has a pro version where you need to pay $9 per month, but if you are just starting out the free version will be more than enough.

Etsy is also one of the best marketplaces to sell online, whether you are selling digital products, physical products, or print-on-demand products. One of the high demand products on Etsy is social media template. These are predesigned editable files that users can use to create social media posts. You can create templates for different kinds of social media platforms.

In order to create template, go to canva and choose a template from the option and start customizing the template.

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