How to Generate Affiliate Sales

By MicaR | Online Venture | 31 Dec 2023

What is the Easiest Way to Generate Affiliate Sales

You can do affiliate marketing in multiple ways, for example

By promoting through your own blogs and websites

By promoting through social media

By promoting through email marketing

But what is the easiest way to do affiliate marketing? Well, there are pros and cons for each of these methods

If you want to promote through your blog or website, you need traffic on your blog and website. You can build traffic through SEO and digital marketing, and you must work really. To get your website ranked high for organic traffic, you will also need to do SEO. This is not a simple task.

Social media is relatively easy compared to promoting through blogs and websites, however, you need to build a huge following before you can generate affiliate sales.

Email marketing s very effective, however, you need a huge email lists from people who genuinely subscribed to your newsletters and who are interested in your niche.

Affiliate Marketing Through a Website or Through Social Media

You can promote your affiliate products through your blog or website or through your social pages. Both of these methods are good, however, which one is better?

There are many affiliate programs that do not require you to have website, you can use social media. However, is this to say that you can make money from affiliate marketing without having a website to promote affiliate products?

Just because you share your affiliate links on your facebook page or twitter account does not mean you will generate a lot of sales. Before you can generate sales, you need a huge following. Your followers should also genuinely interested on your niche.

As far as affiliate marketing through a website is considered, your website needs a lot of traffic from search engines, social media promotion, or email marketing. SEO is necessary for search traffic and you need a lot of followers on social media to drive sales.

Running Ads to Generate Affiliate Sales

If you are promoting affiliate products through your website, and you are not getting traffic, you can advertise your website to build traffic and when traffic builds you can generate sales.

If you are promoting affiliate products through your social pages, and if you don’t have a lot of followers, you can advertise your social pages and build followers to generate sales.

Alternatively, you can directly your affiliate products to generate sales.

All of these methods require you to spend a lot of money. Well, conversion rate is pretty high if you run your ad campaign appropriately, however, you will have to run your ad campaign constantly to generate sales and your profit margin will be low.

Generating sales through social media requires a large following. You don't need to spend money on ads to generate sales if you have a lot of followers on social ages or traffic on your website. However, you may need to spend money on advertisements for traffic and followers.

Want to Generate Affiliate Sales? Start Reviewing Products

One of the easiest ways to generate affiliate sales is by reviewing products. You review products and services and add affiliate link on the bottom of your reviews. In your review, let the reader know the advantages and disadvantages of the product and make a correct decision. In order to increase the chances of selling affiliate products, review the products and services that can be valuable to your readers, never review bad products and services just for the purpose of selling.

You can review products as an article and publish the article on your blog or website. You can also publish your review on free blogs and article sites where affiliate links are allowed.

You can also do a review video. Since videos have better engagement and more audience, video reviews are more effective in generating sales. Instead of long videos, make your video short, something like 60 seconds and share on video platforms along with affiliate links.

How to Do Email Marketing to Generate Affiliate Sales

If you want to make money without spending any money, you can combine affiliate marketing with email marketing. This method allows you to make money easily, you don’t have to work hard for generating sales.

First of all you need to build subscribers for your email. If your subscribers are genuine, even a list of 2k subscribers will be enough to generate a lot of sales.

Secondly, you need to find good affiliate products. Good affiliate products mean the products that offer you high commission and the products that your subscribers are actually interested in.

In order to build subscribers, you should first start offering high quality content. Let’s say you offer free ebook to your subscribers, or free members to the subscribers. Your ebooks and service should be something that offer value. Once you managed to build genuine subscribers, you can start promoting your affiliate products and you will actually have sales. You should offer products that your subscribers find useful.

The Best Affiliate Program to Make Money

Affiliate programs are basically CPA programs. CPA stands for Cost Per Action where the marketer will earn when a visitor performs an action such as product purchase, sign-ups, etc. Affiliate programs or CPA programs are very different from PPC programs. PPC programs are Pay Per Click, where the marketer will earn for every legit click made by the visitors. You will earn from affiliate programs or CPA programs only when actions like product purchases are taken, however, you will earn from PPC whenever there is a legit click. There are affiliate programs based on PPC mode. In fact, I have once tried an affiliate program based on PPC model. This affiliate program paid 1 cent per click and 10 percent commission for product click. In other words, if your visitor clicked an affiliate ad, you would earn 1 cent right away, and if the visitor purchased a $100 product you would earn $10. I made some money through the clicks but there were no sales, therefore, I could not reach the payment threshold. I had to give up the program because of its high withdrawal threshold. I don't remember the name of the site.

Making Money Through Affiliate Programs

If you want to do affiliate marketing, you need to understand a couple of things, one, you should know how to bring traffic to your affiliate product, and two, you need a reliable affiliate marketing program to work on. If you cannot bring traffic, you don’t make money, if you do not promote a reliable affiliate program, you also do not generate sales.

There are multiple options available for affiliate marketing, nevertheless, in order to generate affiliate sales you need to use an affiliate program that offers “saleable products and services.” In other words, you need to promote products and services people consider worth buying.

Here are a couple of options to choose from

Impact Radius

Businesses try to generate sales through affiliate marketing in two ways, one, by offering their own, affiliate program, and two by running campaigns in affiliate marketing companies. Impact Radius is a popular choice for many businesses to run affiliate campaigns, it is used by businesses that do not have their own affiliate program. Impact Radius is used by tech companies like Namecheap, iPage, BlueHost, etc. If you manage to sell domains or hosting for these companies through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission. You can earn up to $65 from a single sale

After signing up, you can choose an affiliate program that you like and then apply. They will manually approve your application. Once approved, you will have access to affiliate links and banners.


Zaful is an online clothing store that offers fashion wear for men and women. Zaful has an influencer marketing and affiliate marketing program that allows people to make money by promoting the brand and product through infleuncer marketing or affiliate marketing. The company offers one of the best commission rates in the market. You can earn up to 30 percent sales commission.

Collective Voice (Previously ShopStyle Collective)

This is an affiliate marketing and influencer marketing program for people who have a huge fan following on social media platforms as well as huge traffic on their websites. By joining this program, you will have access to their partner’s affiliate programs and make money every time you generate sales.

Robinhood Affiliate Program

Robinhood is a popular trading and investment platform. A lot of people use Robinhood to make investments on stocks as well as cryptos. Therefore, by using affiliate program you will be able to earn through Robinhood. You can earn upto $20 when your referral fund their investment and trading account on Robinhood.


If you go with a random company just because they are offering high commissions for affiliate marketing, you will surely be scammed. However, if you are doing affiliate marketing for reputed companies, you will never be scammed. For example, you can become an affiliate marketer for Amazon or Clickbank. These are trusted affiliate networks, you don't even need a website to do affiliate marketing for these companies. They have a proper affiliate sales tracking system, and you will get every penny you earned. A lot of trusted companies also have their own affiliate program, which they run on their own or work through another company. For example, if you want to do affiliate marketing for namecheap or ipage, you will have to join the affiliate program through Inpact Radius. Namecheap and ipage are trust worthy companies, so you will never be cheated. You can also try affiliate marketing for stock or crypto trading platforms.

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