How to Choose and Build a Profitable Career in 2024 and Beyond

By MicaR | Online Venture | 16 May 2024

Making the Right Career Choices

Skills and Expertise Are Needed to Make Money

A lot of things are involved in making money, for instance, your knowledge, skill, and expertise; the funds you have at your disposal, the team you build, the product you create, the marketing you do, etc. If you do not have any knowledge, skill, or expertise, forget about making a lot of money, and you won't even be able to make enough money to pay your bills. When you do not have skills, you can find work, and you will not be eligible for a lot of work. How much money you have is also very important when it comes to making money because in order to make money you need money for investment, setting up a team, building a product, marketing the product, etc. Imagine you are an expert and you also have money, will you be successful? Well, you cannot be successful alone, you need a team to help you. Then comes product creation. You need a product, not a general product but a product a lot of people will find useful, Your product should make people's life easy, your product should help people, and your product should benefit people. You cannot see without marketing your product. You need to market your product to generate sales.

Things to Remember While Choosing a Career

The first thing to consider while choosing a career is your interest. If you choose a career you are interested in, you will work hard to gain knowledge and skills so that you can excel in your career. When you are interested in the chosen field, you will also be creative, productive, and efficient. You will also love your job and will become happy. The second thing to consider while choosing your career is your passion. You need to be very passionate about your chosen career, if you are not passionate if you don't want it dearly, how can you become successful in your chosen career? The third thing to consider is how rewarding is your career in terms of money. Actually, this one is more important than the first and second reasons. Because after all that matters in life is how much money you have. If your chosen career is not financially rewarding, you will always have scarcity in life, you will be deprived of so many pleasantries in your life, and you will not be able to do things that you want to due to the lack of money. all your life you will remain an unsatisfied and unhappy person.

How to become successful in your professional life?

Becoming successful in your professional life means you are working on your dream job, you are in the position that you actually deserve, and you receive a good salary that not only pays your bills but you also manage to save. In order to become successful in your professional life, you need to be educated, knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced. You also need to be efficient, productive, creative, goal oriented, highly ambitious, have leadership qualities, quick decision-maker, risk-taker, and problem solver. If you want to become successful, start doing the following things

Passive Income: Passive income makes you financially free; therefore, you will become successful if you know how to create passive income sources. That’s why in 2022 compared to 2021, 66 percent more people are learning how to create passive income sources.

Work-Life Balance: You are a CEO of a company, yet you have a kid that does not perform well in school because you are mostly absent from his life is not how success can be defined. Therefore, you need to balance your professional life with your personal life.

You need skills to excel in your career, whether online or offline, however, it is not possible to learn every kind of skill. Content writing, graphic designing, video editing, animation, and programming all are very lucrative skills, however, do you think you can build skills in all of these niches? Therefore, you need to choose one skill and master that one skill. If you want to maximize your earning potential, you might also try to learn a few more skills, but it is recommended that you learn relevant skills. For example, if you are a video content creator, also consider learning animation skills because your animation skills will help you create better videos. If you are a content writer, consider learning different kinds of writing skills, for example, technical writing, SEO writing, copywriting, etc. If you are social media marketer, consider learning content writing skills and graphic designing skills. You also need to learn skills that might not be directly helpful in your career but could help you indirectly. For example, if you have multitasking skills you will be able to work on different projects at the same time and increase your earning potential. If you have time management skills, you will also earn better.

Top Skills to Make Money in 2024

You need to build skills in order to excel in your career. If you are wondering which the top skills are in 2022 in order to become successful in your career, here is a list of the top 3 careers for 2022.

Dapps: Dapps or decentralized apps are blockchain-based applications that can be included in a lot of sectors including banking, finance, insurance, etc. According to Udemy Business, an online learning platform, global topic consumption for Dapps grew by 600 percent in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the last quarter of 2021.

OpenStack Cloud:  OpenStack is a cloud computing platform. Global interest in OpenStack Cloud has gone up by 444 percent in the last 4 months compared to 2021.

FastAPI: Interest in learning Fast has tremendously grown this year compared to last year. It is up by 304 percent according to Udemy Business. FastAPI is a Web framework for building APIs in Python.

You can try learning Dapps, OpenStack, and FastAPI in order to build a successful career.

Tech-Based Skills That Are in High Demand

Not all skills are equally created, in other words, you have higher chances of being successful with certain skills compared to others. For example, tech-based skills, and coding, for example, will make you more successful compared to creative skills like writing. If you are thinking about learning tech-based skills, here are a few skills that you can consider.

Binance: Binance is a crypto exchange platform. Did you know people interested in learning skills that can be used on Binance (investment, trading, staking, yield farming, NFT, etc.) to make money grew by 450 percent in the first four months in 2022, compared to the last 4 months in 2021? Perhaps you should also hone your Binance skills to make money in 2022.

Cloud architecture: Did you know people interested in learning Cloud architecture on Udemy grew by 285 percent in 2022?

Warehouse Management: Warehouse Management is also a highly sought-after skill, people enrolling for Warehouse Management courses on Udemy have grown by 276 percent in 2022.

How to Become Data Scientist in 3 Months

Did you know Linkedin has called Data Science “the most promising career” and Glassdoor has labeled Data Science as the “best job in America?”

What exactly is Data Science?

Well, it is a method to analyze data, understand insights, and find out how algorithms work. Data science is a very important job in the IT sector. The IT industry uses Data Science to extract meaningful insights by analyzing data on various platforms.

How to Become a Data Scientist?

You will have to study IT in college and university to become Data scientist. If attending college courses is not possible for you, you can try attending short term Data Science courses

What are Data Science courses?

Even though you will have to study for years to build a career in Data Science, you can still become Data Scientist by attending short-term courses. Since this is a skill-based job, you can easily master the techniques in 3-4 months if you are really interested. There are many platforms where you can attend courses on Data Science.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the most lucrative skills to make money online as well as offline. If you have graphic designing skills, you can work in a design company, media house, or advertising agency. In the virtual world, as a graphic designer, you will have to work on the freelancer marketplace like Fiverr and Upwork to make money. Graphic designing is also a must skill even when you are not a graphic designer. For instance, I don't work as a graphic designer, but my skills in graphic designing have helped me to create marketing materials, social media posts, social media templates, even ebook covers, video thumbnails, etc. In order to get started as a graphic designer, you are required to buy designing software like Photoshop, Corel draw, in design, etc. You need professional-level skills with these designing software. Interestingly, in recent times, in order to work and earn as a graphic designer, you don't even need skills with designing software because we have a lot of drag and drop design tools, like canva and adobe spark. With Canva, you can create an amazing design in lesser time compared to photoshop because canva offers a lot of premade templates.


Careers to Choose in 2024 and Beyond

The second quarter of 2024 has just begun and we can see a lot of problems in the market, for example, the stock market is going down, and the crypto market has crashed. A lot of economists are saying the recession is coming. However, you should not worry about a recession, instead focus on learning new skills, choosing new vocations, and continuing to build your career.

Start a podcast: Podcasting is one of the interesting ways to make money online. You can sell your podcasts through various channels.

Write a book: If you are a passionate writer, write and publish a book. If you manage to write a good book, it can be one of the best passive income sources.

Get into NFT: NFT is a new way to make money. If you don’t know what NFT is, learn about NFT and start creating NFT.

Design a garment: designing caps, tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts and then selling via various marketplaces is a good way to make money online.

High Paying Careers in 2024

You have been working online for a while, yet you are not making as much money as you want to make. Do you know why? Well, that might be because you do not understand your potential, you are not working for the right market, and you are not doing the right things. Here are a few options to choose from.

Join social media and create video content: Are you on TikTok, if not join immediately. You are on Facebook but have not started posting videos for Facebook Reels, or have not used Instant Article feature, right? What you are waiting for, there is a lot of money to be made from Facebook videos and Facebook Instant Articles.

Build a website: If you have a website you can do a lot of things, from running ads and making money to making money through affiliate marketing. You can even use your website to sell your professional services, your digital and physical products, or do content marketing for businesses and individuals.

Digital Marketing Careers You Can Pursue in 2024

Out of all careers that exist in today’s world, if you want to choose one career path, that would be Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketing Global value in 2020 was 305 billion USD and is expected to become 807 billion USD in 2026. You can just imagine the prospect of making money through Digital Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist: Data is the key to everything. As an AI Specialist, you will be analyzing data and reporting to the agency that hired you. This career option is in high demand.

UX Designer: Virtual reality is now the future of technology, therefore, UX Designers are in high demand.

Digital Marketing Managers and Directors: As a Digital Marketing Manager and Director, you can manage big businesses and draw a fat salary.

Marketing Analytics: Data is extremely important in today’s world, business rely on this data, therefore, the job of marketing analytics is in high demand and high paying as well.

How to Make Money as a Landing Page Designer

With the content management systems like wordpress or website builders like Wix or Elementor, it is really easy to create a website. However, creating a great website takes a lot of effort. That’s where the role of website designers comes in.

Businesses spend a lot of money to build their websites, yet they cannot generate sales or capture leads from their websites. That’s because they have not built a great website. As a landing page designer, you can help businesses by building landing pages to generate profits. If you do not have relevant skills, you can easily go to learning platforms like Coursera, or Skillshare and learn the skills in 4-6 weeks. Knowledge of coding would be a great help, but that is not necessary because there are a lot of drag and drop tools.

If you are wondering about where to look for work, you can go to Fiverr and list your service, or go to Upwork and start bidding on the jobs.

Best Careers For Creative People

How to Make Money as a Video Content Creator

First of all, creating video content is relatively easy compared to writing articles, graphic designing, web designing, etc. In order to create videos you just need a smartphone (I guess everyone has a smartphone these days). Having video editing skills will help you create better videos but that's not absolutely a requirement because you can directly open the youtube app and start shooting your video through the app. While earning from a youtube channel can be considered a little difficult due to the requirement you will have to meet, earning from short videos is relatively easy as you are eligible to earn without any subscribers. While videos gathered by your youtube shorts will not count towards your requirement of watch time for monetizing the channel, subscribers you gain from your short videos will add to your subscriber count. In order to earn from youtube, you need to create interesting videos with the capacity to go viral. If your videos get tons of views, only you will earn. You can earn in two ways, one ad impression on your videos, and two, views on your short videos. You don't need the experience to start earning from youtube, you also d not need elaborate skills to make money from videos.

How to Make Money as a Video Editor

Do you know video editing is one of the most lucrative skills? If you check Fiverr, you will see freelancers are charging much as $1500 per project. Even the lowest-priced video editing gig cost $5. If you are good at video editing, you can easily make $20-$30 per project.

In order to become a video editor, you need

Video editing software like Adobe Premiere

A computer with a huge storage

Editing Keyboard

Apart from computer hardware and software, you also need

Skills to use the video editing program

Storytelling skills

Detail information on the project (what your client actually wants)

An eye to see the detail

Let’s say you have everything that is required for video editing, how do you start making money?

Join freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork

Create a good profile, showcasing your projects

Do not ask for a lot of money, consider building a good reputation. For instance, on Fiverr, you can start with $5 per gig, and on Upwork $5 per hour.

How to Make Money as a Graphic Designer

If you are a graphic designer and if you are very good at graphic designing, you can find jobs on numerous platforms. 

Fiverr: Fiverr is a popular platform for freelancers. You can sell any kind of gig on Fiverr, including graphic designing. In fact, Fiverr is very popular with graphic designers. You can join Fiverr for free and start earning. However, the marketplace is very competitive and it is very difficult to generate sales.

Upwork: Upwork is also a popular platform for freelancers, You can find a lot of graphic designing jobs on Upwork. However, if you are joining Upwork for the first time, they might reject you because the marketplace is saturated with graphic designers. 

99Designs: This platform is specifically built for graphic designers. Since the platform is for designers, you might find this platform easier to get jobs compared to Fiverr and Upwork.

Fine Art America: THis platform is for digital artists. Since graphic designers can also create digital art, you can find this platform useful. 

How to Make Money as a Digital Artist

What is digital art?

Digital art is a painting, sketch, or drawing created by using a digital medium, for instance drawing on a tablet through a light pen or using a graphic designing tool like Photoshop to create artwork.

How to create digital art?

In order to create digital art, you need drawing and painting skills, you also need skills with using digital medium (drawing on a tab, for example), or knowledge and skills to use photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.

How to make money from your digital art?

Just like an artist sells paintings to make money, you as a digital artist can sell your digital art and make money.

Where to sell your digital arts?

Fine Art America: This is a marketplace for photographers and digital artists. You can put your artwork for sale. You can see your digital art as canvas print, posters, or even phone covers, cushions, tote bags, etc.

Etsy: This is an online marketplace, where you can sell a lot of items including digital art.




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