How Programming Skills Can Help You Earn a Lot of Money

By MicaR | Online Venture | 13 Mar 2024

I am a programmer. How did I start? After I graduated in management, I went to a software school where I started learning different programming languages. I spent 2 years learning various programming languages. After I earned a diploma, I started looking for a job and was finally hired by a small company where I had to design and build apps, websites, and software. Later I negotiated with another company for higher pay and then switched the job. If you cannot go to a regular IT school, and spend 2 years learning programming, you can start learning online, there are numerous platforms where you can learn coding.  Recently, I came to know that Udemy was voted the number one platform to learn to code. You can join any programming course on Udemy. However, my favorite platform is codeacdemy, this is a platform to learn programming from beginner level to advance level, and their courses are aimed at building projects.

How to Make Money By Building Your Own AI Tool?

AI tool is an Artificial Intelligence Tool that will let users do different types of tasks with few clicks. A simple example of an AI tool is a plagiarism checker, a tool that will check millions of web pages to find duplicate copies of your text. Another popular AI tool can be a rewriter, a tool that will rewrite the input text to make it a completely new article. Another AI tool would be a name and address generator, a tool to find imaginary names and address for your book characters. These are just a few examples. You can create all sorts of AI tools.

How much money you can make?

There is no limit on how much you can make but if you want some idea, I would say you can make $500-$10000 per month.

What kind of skills do you need?

Well, you need to be an expert programmer to create AI tools. If you don’t know how to code, you can spend some money to hire a developer.

Three Ways to Make Money For Mobile and Web Developers

If you are a mobile and web developer, here are three interesting methods to make money. These methods will make you good money.

Mobile apps

Have you ever thought about making money by building apps? Well, you need programming languages like Java, Flutter, Kotlin, etc. to build. However, if you have money, you can use a no-code mobile app-building tool or hire a developer to develop an app for you. The app you build and develop can either be sold through Amazon or Flippa or earn revenue from the apps by publishing on App Store and Play Store.

Dating Websites and Apps

I have built all sorts of websites, including dating websites for clients, but never thought about creating a dating website for myself. If you have website-building skills, one of the easiest ways to make money with a dating website is by creating a dating website for your client. You can also create a dating website and sell the website to a potential buyer. Likewise, building a turnkey dating website is also a good way to make money. If you want to make money with a dating website, you can launch a dating website as a business. However, in order to make money through this method, you need to either earn from ads or by selling subscription services. Before you can sell your website needs to be very popular.

Making Money as a Programmer

Programming can make you a millionaire; there is no doubt about that. Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook, now he is a billionaire. People who created Youtube and sold it o Google, or people who created Instagram and WhatsApp and sold it to Meta are millionaires. However, becoming a millionaire is extremely rare because you need to be extremely talented. Maybe the word millionaire is too optimistic, a more realistic approach would be you can make hundreds of thousands as a programmer. Programming is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world, it is also much in demand. If you are a programmer you can work in big companies and draw a fat salary. If you want to work independently, you can build something on your own and make it a huge business from the product you have created. As a programmer there are multiple ways to make money, you can either work for companies or become self-employed, or create your own tech company.

Three Different Career Options for a Programmer

As a programmer you can build a career in three different areas:

Front-End Developer: As a front-end developer you work on the graphical interface of the website or application. You use languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will be creating things than can be seen, it is really easy to get started as a front-end developer.

Back-end developer: As a back-end developer you are required to work on data storage, security, and server-side functions. You have to build codes that will let the database and application to communicate. You are responsible for building a mechanism that process data and performs actions on the app or website.

Full stack developer: As a full stack developer, you are required to work front-end as well as back-end. You work for the visual appeal of the application/program from the front end as well as the infrastructure from the back end.   You are required to have different kinds of skills such ability to write code, graphic design, UI/UX management, database, etc.

Different Kinds of Income Streams for Programmers

If you are a programmer, you can earn in many ways. In fact, programming is one of the highly paid skills online or offline. However, if you don’t have the skills, you should really get into learning programming. Here are some of the ways to make money as a programmer.

Generate Passive Income Through Turnkey Apps and Website: Turnkey apps and websites are pre-built and ready to be used under new ownership. Turnkey websites are demo websites that are ready to be uploaded to clients' servers. A lot of people want to run websites and apps but they don’t have the skills to design and develop apps and websites, therefore, they want apps and websites that are complete and ready to be operated. You can sell the same turnkey apps and websites to multiple people because you have the source code and with little some tweaks you can easily create new apps and websites.

Publish Apps: Apps are proving to be one of the best income sources because it is completely passive and you don’t have to do a lot of work. You can publish on App Store and Play Store and earn from advertising or through in-app purchases. Alternatively, you can also sell apps through Amazon.

Sell Software: You can sell the same software multiple times and make money lifelong. You might have to update the software frequently to fix issues, but that is not a lot of work.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

If you are a programmer, you can develop software that you can use to sell subscriptions and services. Software as a service is a highly popular business model and also very profitable because you can make money again and again from the same software.


Despite the existence of Do It Yourself content management systems like wordpress, a lot of people still do not know how to build websites. That’s where you can make money as a website designer and developer. You can either work for clients through freelancing sites or build websites and sell through website marketplaces like Flippa. You can create all sorts of websites, from ecommerce marketplaces to business websites.

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