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How to Start Selling on Etsy and Make Money

23 May 2024 6 minute read 0 comments MicaR

Business generally refers to selling products and services. You can create any kind of services or products to sell. You can even sell someone's products to make money. Setting up an online business does not take a lot of time or money, but what is d...

Selling on Print-On-Demand Marketplaces To Make Money

22 May 2024 10 minute read 0 comments MicaR

Ecommerce is one of the best ways to make money online, you can see some of the world's biggest companies are actually eCommerce companies, for example, Amazon, eBay, etc. Ecommerce even helped Jeff Bezos to become the richest man on earth. The scope...

Is Money Root of Evil? Can You Buy Happiness With Money

20 May 2024 6 minute read 0 comments MicaR

Life is not all about paying your bills, life is about exploring the world, and for that purpose you need money. A day job or even freelancing gigs can help you make money but that might not be enough. That’s why you need to build your wealth ecosyst...

The Most Lucrative Careers in 2024 For Freelancers

18 May 2024 13 minute read 0 comments MicaR

In order to become successful in your career, you need to be talented. And talent means something that comes to you from birth. You also need education, skills, and experience to become successful in your career. Interestingly all of these things can...

A Guide to Freelancing: Things to Remember When Working From Home

17 May 2024 13 minute read 0 comments MicaR

I started working online in 2020, however, I registered on Upwork in 2018. I knew about online working opportunities around 2015 when I was still in school. Why did I take so long to start working online? Well, the answer is simple, First, I was too...

How to Choose and Build a Profitable Career in 2024 and Beyond

16 May 2024 12 minute read 0 comments MicaR

Making the Right Career Choices Skills and Expertise Are Needed to Make Money A lot of things are involved in making money, for instance, your knowledge, skill, and expertise; the funds you have at your disposal, the team you build, the product you...

How to Make Money By Selling Digital Products

15 May 2024 13 minute read 0 comments MicaR

Selling digital products means you sell ebooks, online courses, design bundles, NFTs, podcasts, etc. Selling services means you see your writing services (content writing, blog writing, copywriting, ebook writing, etc.), designing services (graphic d...

Getting Started on Youtube: How to Start Making Money On Youtube

14 May 2024 16 minute read 0 comments MicaR

This mini tutorial is for those who have never started a youtube channel but have a desire to become a big star on youtube. Step 1: What You Need Equipment: You need a camera, you can start with a proper camera or just with your phone. My recommendat...

Should You Only Work for Money?

13 May 2024 9 minute read 0 comments MicaR

“You are in a wrong job if you are in it only for the money.” A lot of people might think that this is a satire on their helplessness. They might tell you that they work on the job because they need money. They might be saying that money is very impo...

How to Start a Small Business and Become Successful

11 May 2024 10 minute read 0 comments MicaR

  You Need an Idea to Start a Business Every business begins with an idea. For example, "selling shoes online" can be a business idea. However, all business needs a plan. A business plan means devising a method to execute your business idea. For in...