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By ONEROOT | ONEROOT | 29 Mar 2019

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Dear community members and co-builders of ONEROOT,

With your long-term help and support, ONEROOT, a blockchain technology solution provider, has established a strategic partnership with BXA (Blockchain Exchange Alliance) to provide full technical support for BXA’s global operations.

In this cooperation, ONEROOT has received a total of 450 million BXA tokens. Adhering to its business philosophy, ONEROOT is to put the economic model into practice to repay the trust of our community co-builders. We are honored to announce that all RNT holders will get BXA airdrops.

After full communication and discussion with the community, ONEROOT team optimized the airdrop plan, adding 50 million BXA to the original 400 million to show the importance and value we place on the community throughout our progression. At the same time, ONEROOT, as an important partner of BXA, needs to fully consider the long-term value and ecological stability of both parties. Therefore, we will airdrop in batches and in linear distribution.

This airdrop is divided into four phases, and in each phase 0.28125 BXA will be airdropped to each RNT. The specific timeline is as follows:

Mar. 31, 2019 Take the first snapshot of the addresses holding RNT;

Apr. 14, 2019 Airdrop BXA tokens based on the first snapshot;

Jun. 30, 2019 Take the second snapshot of the addresses holding RNT;

Jul. 14, 2019 Airdrop BXA tokens based on the second snapshot;

Sept. 30, 2019 Take the third snapshot of the addresses holding RNT;

Oct. 14, 2019 Airdrop BXA tokens based on the third snapshot;

Dec. 31, 2019 Take the fourth snapshot of the addresses holding RNT;

Jan. 14, 2020 Airdrop BXA tokens based on the fourth snapshot, and the activity ends. 

The first snapshot will occur at block height 7,475,000 on the Ethereum blockchain. At the current network speed, the expected time of the first snapshot is about 16:00 (UTC+8) on March 31, 2019. The follow-up snapshot time will be announced on the official website oneroot.io. Stay tuned.

If you want to participate in this activity, it is highly recommended that you should transfer RNT to your private Ethereum wallet before the snapshot. At present, the exchanges have announced to support RNT snapshot include Bithumb, Bithumb Dex, Rootrex, OKEX, Tokok, Cashierest, Coinw, Dcoin, Yex, LBank, U8 and Bitmax. We will actively communicate with other exchanges and announce the exchanges which support BXA airdrops on our website in real time.

Once again, thank you for your support and let us continue to work together.

Tips:Official websites of exchanges supporting RNT snapshot



https://www.rootrex.com (the Rootrex web service is suspended for upgrade, but the Rootrex app is still in service.)










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As a blockchain technology solution provider, ONEROOT has developed a range of solutions, including R1 protocol, DDEX, DCEX, public chain and user terminals, meanwhile, has provided a developer-friendly toolkit, greatly lowering the threshold of product deployment and secondary development. Upholding the spirit of open source and sharing, ONEROOT promotes infrastructure construction with product development, breaking the barriers of technology and capital. By empowering community to promote industry development, ONEROOT allows more people to enjoy the convenience of blockchain.

- Partners-

BXA (Blockchain Exchange Alliance)

BXA is the world’s largest digital asset exchange alliance. With the full range of technology solutions developed by ONEROOT, BXA members from different countries and regions can share transaction data securely, continue to be compliant with local regulations, and complete settlements quickly. As a result, those members are linked together with the largest order book and deepest liquidity, being financial entities with global influence.


As a digital currency exchange with the most users in South Korea, Bithumb is one of the largest one around the world. In October 2018, Bithumb partnered with ONEROOT and launched a distributed decentralized exchange — Bithumb DEX, the world’s first decentralized exchange serving millions of users worldwide.


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