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By Defnac | One stop info | 2 May 2021

Hello everyone and welcome! My name is Ana and today im going to help you set up an Atomicwallet for NFTs! 

Yes many of us already know this but there are new people constantly getting into crypto and many that may understand NFTs a but but don't actually have any!

Well I'm going to explain it as simply as I can for everyone to join in the fun of NFTs!

First you will head over to the side homepage. Once you are there, click on the drop down menu on the right hand corner and you'll see login toward the bottom. You will click it and it'll ask you for your wax wallet you are going to click on that and then it will direct you to sign in with social media or make a new account. Once you are done with that complete the captcha and log in. Now you account it all set up! It's that simple folks! Then comes the fun of finding NFTs! There are games like Alienworld where you get NFTs but you can also join telegram and discord servers for chances at free NFT grabs!

I hope someone, anyone found this useful and I'll be back to help others with crypto firsts!This is the main homepage for Atomic walletDrop down menu to locate loginWax wallet loginSecond log in page after clicking log into wax walletFinal page, can make an account of sign in with social media and complete captcha

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One stop info
One stop info

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