You can now Integrate your HYDRO 2FA/MFA just an Hour!
You can now Integrate your HYDRO 2FA/MFA just an Hour!

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  Did you know? Studies have shown it will cost you $148,000 after your users’ data has been hacked. What if I told you we have a way to prevent this and it is 100% FREE, only takes 1-hour to implement?

We have created the world’s most robust multi-factor authentication system, called Hydro Raindrop. It uses the power of the Hydro protocol built on Ethereum blockchain- thousands of computers working around the clock to protect your users. You can use it to protect things like logins, transactions, and payments. .

Here  is our project hydro site which gives all the info about hydro protocols and products.

Raindrop is a free Multi Factor Authentication/2FA which helps you prevent log-ins and transactions and to help your business secure and safe.  

Here is a video explaining how Raindrop works:  

Why we choose 2FA Blockchain vs Google 2FA:

Hydro Raindrop Clientside:

Hydro Server Side:




1. Drupal (

2. WordPress (

3. Joomla (

4. PassportJS (

5. Php (

6. Java (

7. Laravel (


2FA/MFA Hydro Links



Raindrop Whitepaper

Implementation Guide:

Raindrop Documentation:


Hydro Roadmap Spring/Summer 2019

Social Media:





Ken(Crypto Reporters)
Ken(Crypto Reporters)

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One of the greatest coin Hydro
One of the greatest coin Hydro

Hydro is an open-source project, with a global community dedicated to simplifying blockchain adoption.

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