Crypto Stamps: a bullish sign towards mass adoption

If you were born like me in the last millennium, chances are that you, or someone you know, collected postage stamps.

This was one of the first collectibles I engaged with, long before Magic: The Gathering. I remember the excitement of waiting for the stamps to come off the water-soaked envelopes.

At that time, I was far from being the only one involved in stamp collectibles. Nowadays, this lost some mainstream attractivity.

But that might change thanks to the global adoption of NFTs.


The Swiss national post launches Switzerland’s first crypto stamps.

The Swiss national post recently announced that they would launch the first Swiss Crypto stamp (on November 25, 2021). This new of a kind stamp will be composed of a physical and a digital part. The physical stamp will cost 8.90 CHF (approx. 9.71 USD on October 2021) and have a digital crypto image associated with it. 

After purchasing a stamp, people will be able to scan a QR code to reveal the digital counterpart. The digital crypto stamps will have different rarity levels, as it is common in the NFT space.


Swiss Crypto Stamp (reference: Swiss Post)


Swiss crypto stamps facts

  • 13 different designs
  • Each NFT is stored on the Polygon Blockchain
  • 65,000 copies of the most common digital design and 50 of the rarest
  • 175,000 stamps available at launch

This collection of digital stamps shall relaunch the excitement for collecting, exchanging, and trading stamps. Only that this time, people will exchange their stamps on NFT platforms such as OpenSea.

Note that the Swiss crypto stamps are not the first ones to be produced. The neighboring country Austria previously released the very first crypto stamps in 2019.


Why am I so bullish about this announcement.

Launching these crypto stamps means that a broad audience will have direct exposure to the NFT world. Imagine that now people will be able to buy NFTs from their local post office!

Soon, people will want to know more about NFTs and the cryptocurrency world in general. 

This is a step towards better education and mass adoption of cryptos, and the reason I am so bullish about this news.

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