I'm now a widow

By Olu'King | Oluking. | 21 Aug 2019

I'm now a widow

Since my husband deceased, I'm down,
In the ocean of tear i drown.
The pain had grew my pine,
And suffering had became my spine.

Happiness turned itself to visitor,
That visit in second and return to it tour.
Failing to share laughter as it does before.
Having it forever, is what I'm anticipating fore?!

I do feel alone and sad!
When my children ask of their dad,
For he didn't informed them of his journey.
Maybe he will return to their bitter soul; the honey.

Help me tell it to the world;
To pity my feelings and hear my word.
That, I'm now a widow! My children are fatherless,
To help them not to become hopeless.


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My name is Lawal Muhammad Oluku. I'm a budding poet, whose pen voice for the voiceless and in a verge of being a hope of the dying soul (I'm Doctor with pen)


I'm a poet, i write to heal the ills and to be the voice of the voices.

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