Prehistoric armor-plated fish of Amazonia !

By OlivierM | Olivier | 16 Feb 2022

In the south-american rivers, there are plenty of weird animal species !

Today i will introduce to you :


Atipa (Hoplosternum littorale)





The Atipa is a kind of catfish. Atipa is the name we use for him in French Guyana, he got other names in Brazil or hispanic countries.


This is a small fish that we find in rivers and swamps of the amazonian forest. The Atipa is a very ancient type of fish who have keep some strange dispositions dating from prehistoric times !


  • He got black armor-plates instead of fish scales
  • He can walk on the ground with his front fins
  • He can breath outside the water with a primitive pulmonary system





Local fishermen trap Atipas with traditionnal nets. His meat is very popular here. In the traditionnal recipes, he is eaten with coco milk, curry and rice !



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