Hoazin : the stinking bird !

By OlivierM | Olivier | 18 Feb 2022

Hello ! Ready to discover an other strange amazonian beast ?


Today i will talk about a very special bird :


the Hoazin (Opisthocomus hoazin)




This bird lives in the lakes, swamps and flooded forests of the north coast of south american. I have already observed him in French Guyana during a nature exploration. There beautiful with a blue head and a nice crest !


Why is he so curious ?


First the Hoazin don't eat fruits or grain like other birds. He eats leaves like a cow ! His digestive system is able to assimilate the cellulose. Because leaves are very poor in energy, he must absorb a lot a leaves and spend a lot of time to digest them.

By the way, this alimentation and the gaz rejections are also the reason why the Hoazin smells so bad !




Secondly the young Hoazin got an other very weird characteristic. They are provided with claws on their wings like the prehistorical bird-like dinosaurs !

Hoazins like other birds are living in trees. So when a danger comes, young Hoazins let them fall into water. After that, they use their claws to climb back on trees ! In fact, the are not very good at flying... When they grow, adult Hoazins normaly loose their wing-claws. But some specimens have been seen with remaining claws.







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