Amazonian bird of the day : the Laughing Falcon

By OlivierM | Olivier | 27 Feb 2022

I'm in realy good mood, because yesterday i have seen a new bird that i never have observed before :


The Laughing Falcon (Herpetotheres cachinnans) : in french “Macagua rieur”




I was driving this morning through woods to come back home (yes i live in the forest !) and suddenly a bird took his flight just in front of my car.

I could follow his flight until he land on a tree and i could continue to observe him. I could recognize a kind of falcon but from an unknow species.


After that, i have made a quick search in my wildlife books. And i can tell you a bit more about this nice bird.


The Laughing Falcon live in coasts, savannas and flooded forest of South America. And now near my house !

He is absolutely beautiful with dark wings, a long tail with white stripes and a beige belly. Above all he is recognizable at his dark mask on his eyes !







Like others species of his raptor family, the Laughing Falcon is a hunter. He is specialized in the hunting of snakes ! When he catch one, he flight on a tree to swallow him. If they are to big, he cut them with his beak.




And now, why this nickname 'Laughing” ? Of course it's because of his singing. It is very loud and looks like a quick laugh : "gûa-co, gûa-co" !


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