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Finally a Web3 game worth playing

Hello Everyone (this is best viewed in dark mode)

I know that it has been a while since I blogged here and I was so low on inspiration and just going through the motions, a lot of the side projects that I got into did not quite inspire me to do a lot of writing. Most of the projects out there are either still fundraising with not even a Beta or they can hardly even be called Web3 with no NFT minting or in-game currency accumulation.

But here I am, back again and I finally found a great Web3 project that has an amazing team and an actual game that I enjoy playing, that game is...


I will be writing up quite a few blog posts seeing as this is a Clash-Royale style game that has a lot of depth and strategy built in, there is just so much to go through so I will keep this post on point with relevant links and basic game knowledge. This game also just had it's mobile release so this can be played either in your browser or on your Android device.

Welcome to the world of Okeenga

As you can see, this is an absolutely beautiful game and the dev's along with their skilled arts and marketing team have put together a really stunning world, not just in a visual sense but also with lore and creative team building. In the beginning there was only PvE, this is a few worlds broken into stages where you get 20 lives to fight and gain their in-game token along with Wildcards that will come in handy later. Recently the team also launched their PvP Beta for testing and it was a smash hit, nothing like taking on players from around the world to test how much you have learnt from the PvP plays.

I am just going to show you about the basic teams and then take a look at the PvE world, here is a view of the main PvE screen

World Screen

Each world is broken up into 5 stages, each main stage has 12 stages to play with a mini boss on 6 and a big boss on 12, through these stages you will have to use a team to advance. What I really love about the game is that there are many ways to learn and get into the game with NO investment before you decide to get into the NFT side, you can either play the free version when you set up an account (they give you basic Hero setups here) or you can set up a NFT version account and just play with scholarship teams that are set up by the game breeders for a profit split. 

Here is a look at my main team that is doing well on World 3 and you will see that it takes 3 NFT's to get going that each have 2 troops, 1 main spell and passive traits.

Main Team

(I will be doing strat guides in the future but this is the basic way teams will look)

When you start the PvE will be the way to build their main in game token called KAB but there is also another called OKG but this is mainly used for buying an NFT Hero or Breeding but for now we want that KAB to upgrade troops and make some profit by withdrawing. When you clear a world stage you will be awarded the following rewards

1. EXP - this is used to upgrade your main NFT hero

2. KAB - This is used to either take profit or upgrade troops

3. Wildcards - The types you receive will differ depending on the stage

When fighting a stage, you will see a similar style of gameplay as clash Royale with both of you having 3 towers and two main lanes of attack

Fight Screen

The goal is to take more towers than your opponent when the 2 min timer ends, if it is tied after the 2 min then a 1 min timer will set in and your Oom (energy to summon) rate will double.

Here are the wildcards also needed to upgrade troops, spells, building and passive traits, they are in rarity form and also broken into races playable right now. These are very important but they do have a way to swap out wilcards for those you need via the events tab, you should be able to upgrade your Hero NFT's easily


I will be doing Hero NFT giveaways and listing scholarships for players that want to earn via profit split seeing as I am a breeder in this project and I have quite a few ultra-rare NFT's to spare

Now that they are on mobile with a great community and hitting their roadmap targets, I am looking forward to the PvE tournaments and other assorted ways to earn and even gain free NFT's to play with via their special events. I am leaving all relevant links (No reference links unfortunately) and I really hope to see you on the battlefield.



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(OMG)Old Man Gamer

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(OMG) Old Man Gamer

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