Erosion: a New Project with High Potential!

By nejibens | Observe ICO | 11 Sep 2019

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Erosion is a special crypto project, with a different and attractive concept. We aren't here talking about ICO or IEO project, but about a spacedrop (already done) and a project with so many genius features, making it a bit different than other usual startups.

1. Erosion features:

EROS is basically a token running on the Ethereum platform, and it is also the first hypodeflationary asset and currency. During each transaction made, the smart contract will burn 0.01% of the transaction, which will result in limiting the total supply of tokens, and increasing the token price as a result. Erosion is also Dapp compatible, we are talking about an ERC20 protocol that can facilitate simply the Dapp integration. In addition, the total supply is limited (10 Million tokens) and it will be decreasing overtime, as we explained previously. The EROS token is also expected to be integrated largely into an ecosystem of Dapps, which will lead, most likely, to mass adoption.


2. Spacedrop and token (EROS):

Erosion spacedrop (a sort of airdrop) is done and finished the last month, and 8.000.000 EROS already distributed to whitelisted addresses (500 EROS to each address). The token is traded already in some DEX exchanges like Forkdelta, and it is expected to be listed in more big exchanges soon.


Useful Links:

The website:

ANN thread:


Bitcointalk profile:;u=340012


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