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SEO Considerations for Your Publish0x Articles

This is a discussion of essential details I discovered that you could take advantage of with Publish0x. Some items will help improve readership and earnings, while others will help you use Publish0x much easier. I’m a retired computer systems analyst, so I tend to discover these things and like to help others based on my research.

Article Summary Description

Google and other search engines use the description for SEO purposes to understand your content better. In some cases, they also use it as the text in the search results (SERPs).

The HTML coding of your articles includes a meta description record, but they don’t provide a field for you to enter your article’s description or summary. They do it automatically by taking the first 250 characters of the article.

So, I recommend that you pay attention to your initial paragraph and try to make the first 250 characters represent a summary description. It might be easier to write that summary when you consider that this is what people could see when your article appears in a search. Think in terms of your reader. That summary should make them want to read your article.

Posting Content You Published Elsewhere

Of course, you already know not to plagiarize other content. But Publish0x has no problem with you posting your own material that you have on another website.

I don’t recommend doing this because Google may lower the ranking on both copies, but if you do decide to post in two places, it will help to let Google know they represent identical copies of one another. That is done by placing a canonical record in the HTML.

Publish0x actually places a canonical record in your posts, and it is specified as the URL of your Publush0x article. So to complete the relationship, you need to include the same canonical in your other copy.

If you write your own HTML code, then you can add a canonical record. But if you publish elsewhere, check on the options they provide. Hopefully, you’ll have the ability to create it. Some publishing platforms, such as Medium and Wordpress, have a field where you can enter the URL for your canonical record.

Moving Posts From One Blog to Another

You might decide someday to create an additional blog to organize your topics better. You might even want to move older posts into a new blog. That’s easy to do. Just edit the post and scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll see the option to select the blog. Just change it to the new one and save the post.

Now, you might be wondering what happens to links you might have shared on social media sites. I have good news for you:

Moving posts from one blog to another changes the URL. But Publish0x issues a 301 redirect from the old URL so search engines can update their database and other links follow through to the new URL.  

Profile Names vs. Usernames

The most confusing thing that can cause you to lose readers is when your user name doesn’t match your profile name.

Your profile name is what you selected when you first signed up with Publish0x. That becomes part of your profile URL link and can’t be changed. But your username is what people see in your posts, and you can change that on your settings page.

I noticed that some writers create a different username that does not match their profile name. When I mention them in a comment or a post, I find it almost impossible to enter the correct name so that they get notified. That’s true when entering someone’s name in a post as well.

Your username and profile name should match if you want to be notified when readers or other writers include your name in a post or a comment.  That’s done by placing the @ sign before the name.

Let me know if you found this review helpful with a like or a tip. And if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them in the comments below. Thanks for being a valued reader.


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Glenn Stok

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