The committee of Peanut(Nutbox v1)DAO starts up, meanwhile, the account of the committee is operating.

By Nutbox DeFi | Nutbox DeFi | 12 Apr 2021



According to the lite paper of Peanut(Nutbox V1), 10% of PNUTs, which are generated in every block, will flow into the account of Nutbox.DAO. The fund is owned by the whole community and is controlled by the DAO that is constituted by the PNUT holders. At the early stage, the committee has to take the charge of routine business and represent the community to choose the development strategy.


In the chapter of DAO committee, no less than 20% of PNUTs in nutbox.dao will be granted to DAO committee, promoting its continuous contributions.




Six months have been passed since Nutbox launched, the account, peanut.dao.committee has not been functional still now. Any expenses related to development, operation, and marketing tasks come from the result of community voting after the proposal has been granted.

Peanut(Nutbox v1) DAO committee considers that the proposal system of Nutbox works well, so the 20% of fund disposal right is not used. However, as the community is growing, part of the key proposal can not accumulate sufficient votes to get approval. It becomes an obstacle of Nutbox development since much key work of functions and services of Nutbox needs to be adapted following the pace of the blockchain industry.


Under this situation, we decided to run the account, peanut.dao.committee. The details is below:

1、at the first stage, 20% of PNUT in nutbox.dao will be transfered to the peanut.dao.committe, which will be used to impel the work related to development, operation and marketing at 10 PM on April 10th 2021(UTC+8);

2、From now on, 10 pm on the 10th of every month (UTC+8), 20% of PNUT rewards will transfer into peanut.dao.committee;

3、The peanut.dao.committee will be controlled by the committee of Peanut(Nutbox v1)DAO, and supervised by the whole community members;

4、The expense which no more than 50K PNUT from the peanut.dao.commitee must tag its use in the transaction memo.

5、The expense which more than 50K PNUT needs to declare its use to the whole community by a blog as well as the transaction memo.

6、From now on, the Peanut(Nutbox v1) DAO committee starts up, it is composed by the founder team of Peanut(Nutbox v1) , they will commit their duty since 10 PM [UTC+8] April 10th 2021.

7、peanut.dao.committee and nutbox.dao will support the decentralized strategy and development, they are also controlled by the PNUT community members.



Peanut(Nutbox v1)DAO委员会正式成立,peanut.dao.committee同步启用


在Peanut(即Nutbox v1) lite paper中,每区块生成的约10% PNUT进入nutbox.dao账户,并完全由Peanut社区(即Nutbox v1)所有,由PNUT持有者组成的DAO控制。在早期,由DAO委员会代表社区决策以及处理日常事务。



Peanut(Nutbox v1)创立近6个月以来,Nutbox DAO委员会一直没有启用peanut.dao.committee。关于Nutbox任何开发、运营、市场等支出,皆通过提案投票向社区申请,社区投票通过才予以执行。

Peanut(Nutbox v1)DAO委员会认为提案系统运行非常良好,故没有动用 nutbox.dao 中20% PNUT的权利。然而,随着社区日益扩大,部分关键提案无法通过,阻碍了Nutbox的发展速度。Nutbox诸多关键功能或服务,需要专门的人去开发、运营或推广,且要快速适应整体区块链行业的发展。

在这样的情况下,我们决定启用 Peanut(Nutbox v1)lite paper中 peanut.dao.committee(nutbox.dao拥有的 20% PNUT)。具体细节如下:

1、第一期以2021年04月10日晚10点(UTC+8)为节点,将 nutbox.dao 20% PNUT 转移至 peanut.dao.committee,用以激励 Nutbox 的开发、运营和市场等发展;

2、以后每个月10日晚10点(UTC+8),将 nutbox.dao 本月获得PNUT的20%转移至 peanut.dao.committee;

3、peanut.dao.committee由Peanut(Nutbox v1)DAO委员会控制,Peanut社区所有成员予以监督;

4、Peanut(Nutbox v1)DAO委员会对于低于或等于 5万 PNUT的使用,需在转账备注中标注用途;

5、Peanut(Nutbox v1) DAO委员会对于高于 5万 PNUT的使用,不仅需要标注用途,还需发帖向社区公告;

6、第一期 Peanut(Nutbox v1) DAO委员会正式成立,由Peanut(Nutbox v1) 创始团队组成,自2021年04月10晚10点(UTC+8)开始履职,后续每半年选举一次;



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