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By Nutbox DeFi | Nutbox DeFi | 22 Apr 2021





I started posting on Steem(it) since 2017, and have never invested a single cent in it. With several generous Upvotes from @my-reader and other supportive whales, I gained enough SP in the early days to secure the minimum payout threshold of $0.02 for my posts, which made me stay put on Steem till this day.

Steem is an interesting case of tokenized social media with unique Staking Finance (Stake-Fi) structure. It is a pioneering work that started bold and has yielded some promising results as the community evolves over time.

Hopefully, we can bring the Steem community together once again and grow from there.

  Promoting Steem — My Plan

Social media exposure and recognition is what drives cryptocurrencies around. See how Bitcoin and Dogecoin surge with just a few Tweets from Elon Musk. To promote Steem, we need to gain more new users onboard for Steem by increasing its exposure on various social media.

 Cross-promotion with is the first major attempt of a Steem-based DeFi platform as Steem-Tron integration took place. It is currently the 5th most delegated Steem project (@nutbox.mine) with market cap around $4 million.

As Nutbox Ambassador for Malaysia, I will bring out the synergy of cross-promoting Steem and Steem community is the foundation of Nutbox DeFi community, the growths of both communities are mutually beneficial and reinforcing.

I’m providing Malay translations for all Nutbox official documents and user interface to facilitate Malaysian users. Localization of Steem and for Malaysia is a direction to work on.

  Social Media Exposure

I’m building communities across QuoraTwitterFacebookYouTube,
Medium and Publish0x for Nutbox DeFi.

I also own two FB groups with >15K members:

With these at hands, we can increase the exposure and recognition of Steem on social media.


Hosting Cryptos Trading Contest

If given 5000 SP delegation, I would host a daily cryptos trading contest to harness the collective crowd wisdom of the Steem community and attract new Steem users from various trader communities around the world. Hopefully it can run for long-term to become a regular event on Steem.


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