Most popular faucet ever!

By NoviPL | NoviPL | 16 Dec 2020

One place that allows you to receive up to 5 very popular cryptocurrencies! BITCOIN, BITCOINCASH, LITECOIN, DASH, DOGE!

In the case of this website, the matter is as follows:
We create an account on the site

All you need to do is set up an e-mail address.

Then fire up the following pages:

By entering an e-mail address on each of them to which we set up an account on and that's basically everything, now we can receive cryptocurrencies every 5 minutes, of course solving reCAPTCHA earlier. To do this, just click on "faucet" and then on Claim on each of the listed pages.

All cryptocurrencies appear immediately on

which has a wallet role here and from it, from the threshold of 0.15$, we can transfer them further to our wallets. The minimum payout is a matter of several hours. Additionally, we receive coinpot tokens for each collection

which we can exchange for cryptocurrencies as shown in the attached picture.

Additionally, I propose to follow the Challenges, where there are more ways to get cryptocurrencies.

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