IMU will be The NEP-5 token at IMusify ecosystem

IMU will be The NEP-5 token at IMusify ecosystem

By Cryptoray | NoticiasBitcoin_io | 12 Feb 2019

The proposed Token IMU around the platform iMusify Ecosystem

Almost over January and equipment iMusify soon launch its initial offer for the token IMU. An ecosystem-oriented pillar of the music industry, content, and people. As in any industry, intermediaries play an important role. Sometimes they bring success stories thanks to their work, while in general terms ... certain cons can be observed from the first analysis. On the one hand, the constant control of intermediaries distance to the most important parts together, artists and followers/fans. Moreover, in most copyright cases end up in unknown hands of the author depriving him of possible future benefits.

IMU token technology, housed in the ecosystem Blockchain NEO, is based on a token-5 Nep; a standard for token chain NEO blocks. The NEP-5 provides systems with a mechanism of generalized intelligent interaction tokenized contracts. In the iMusify platform, the IMU token serves as a store of value and vehicle transaction. Therefore you can monetize content and get tokens generated by the activity. For it has set a maximum amount of 1,000,000,000 IMU.


IMU fungibility and liquidity available on the platform by DEX

As a token of utility, IMU monetized similar to the way gamificación actions on the platform. Offering the monetization of donations from fans/users to favorite artists. In this line, you can also guide as vehicle financing collective musical projects. P2p a musical universe full of interactions offered to collaborate with anyone, anywhere. From here, one is an active decentralized economy of several layers. A decentralized alternative to fight to get positioned between musical projects criptospace more successful.

In the latest models we found that "influencers" or artists often take center stage. In the optical frame, the user may feel unappreciated and disinterest by the community. Through intelligent system of reward and compensation, the activity of the entire community is rewarded. Obviously, it will be rewarded by the platform in proportion to their activities and relevances.

Artists and different types of users will not need to migrate their funds to centralized exchanges; Of course, they are sovereign. It is crucial that there is a simple and convenient to exchange tokens IMU criptomonedas Fiat and other means. In order to operate with their tokens, IMU has a complete integration of the exchange; API will integrate NEON Exchange (NEX). The process can be done intuitively with the platform providing liquidity and fungibility.


iMusify is open to all parties, providing a reliable decentralized link

Establishing trust and transparency are achieved is as good relationships, both social and labor. The connecting links are vital for mutual understanding and cooperation in a global sector. Rich experience and successful business fruitful exchange is based on previous interactions. iMusify as a link between artists and supporters, fans and service providers industry ... has thought of all parties coming up with an intuitive, simple and versatile platform.

In the digital industry, and especially music ... intellectual property and the authenticity and authorship of the creations they are sacred. Therefore, innovative advances in technology plays an essential Blockchain to record, preserve and test each record paper. Therefore, among other reasons ... NEO was chosen; one of the chains of blocks with more adoption. NEO has shown great solvency with NEP-5 contracts as an alternative to Erc-20 ethereum. Despite the similarities, the NEO network has shown so far some of the weaknesses of their similar competitor ethereum scalability.

IMusify obviously not be isolated in cyberspace. Team relationships and moderators have secured an ecosystem that also participate offline. Collaboration with renowned artists and ticket sales to events iMusify part of the ecosystem. Such collaborations and offers creates more use cases if possible; use cases that will stimulate demand token IMU.


In iMusify all participate and all are important, more and more rewards from the platform

The rapid transition to digital media has led to a declining rate of return for artists. Exploitation artists are currently experiencing extreme inefficiencies that are within the current centralized music industry. Imusify uses a combination of protocols and innovative frameworks to facilitate direct connection. Blockchain connected in a network of artists, fans and other stakeholders. The platform integrates best practices crowdfunding, online transmission, media exchange, economic and socials network p2p network.

Showing great confidence in becoming the most powerful communities, it poses iMusify show from the second one. In addition to reward artists for their creative content transmission (music); the reward system of iMusify is designed to encourage the contribution and quality on the platform.

By rewarding content creators socialpor certain actions, the first step is logical. The actions consist of publications, playlists, comments generating positive synergies in the community. Healers (vital for review and health of contents) can be rewarded for their contribution to receive micropayments. It is anticipated that the curators compete for a generous reward for being curators of high quality.


Highlighting innovations in models of blockchain platforms for music ecosystems

Users are not only to consume iMusify but also they are rewarded. You can not be underestimated the power of the community, after all ... they are the ones who fill the event! The success of the musical artists always measured by their live tours, with new technologies change the tide. Direct, they are not always touring and users who filled stadiums now attend retransmissions or listen to online playlists payment.

En este aspecto también han pensado desde la dirección del proyecto iMusify; los usuarios al suscribirse o compartir listas de reproducción también participan del botín. Este sistema presenta varias ventajas, una que nos parece llamativa esel mimo con que se ha planeado no añadir en exceso tokens al mercado. Ayudando a mitigar la inflación habitual de etapas tempranas, se ha demostrado que devalúan en pocas semanas los tokens hasta un 90%. El sistema, que viene detallado en el libro blanco, busca la protección de los tenedores de tokens. Como se ha podido observar durante todo el 2018, la tendencia de vender cada una de las recompensas en las primeras semanas o días crea efectos dominó. Por lo que se destaca de la competencia con un modelo de inflación controlada desde los inicios, alejándose del efecto HYPE.


Accountability and transparency issue as a letter in iMusify

The not add new tokens in circulation automatically and banal actions away from attempts at manipulation. With this model, the participation of bots, empty actions and repetitive behaviors is mitigated. iMusify has devised to reduce the possibility of manipulation of the system by speculators and swindlers, it has linked the rewards of users and fans to curators and playlists ; thus by solving a common problem of competing platforms .

Transparency is essential to respecting all parties and not suffer manipulations; otherwise, confidence is undermined in a toxic environment. The lack of transparency in the system has led to a loss of income, property aversion erroneous and ineffective licensing processes. Technology block chain has proven to combat these traditional problems and will drive those who join the party. Thus, iMusify eliminates the need for intermediaries, providing transparency and ensuring that everyone is rewarded fairly.



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