Dash, The Use Case Consolidated In Venezuela

By Cryptoray | NoticiasBitcoin_io | 21 Mar 2019

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Dash boom in Venezuela confirms the properties of cryptocurrencies to combat the monetary crises

At a time when markets cryptocurrencies maintain a minimum annual lateral channel, a use case requires special attention. It is penetration Dash in Venezuelan homes; a progression that has come to surround from shops and corner shops to transactions between individuals (p2p), practically everything.

annual minimum lateral channel
https://www.tradingview.com/x/ghpLRzr5/ (lateral Canal in annual minimum BTC-USDT)


Before the eternal promise of Petro, infrastructure as provided by Dash and its blockchain have prospered a lot. It can be seen from a distance that the economic situation of the population is at a delicate point, international broadcasters and network coverage is a hotbed of events. One could describe the economic situation... hanging by a thread; that's where it appears Dash, with a menu of very interesting initiatives.

One is DASH Youth Venezuela (dashyouth.org), as we read nothing else access your web:

Venezuela Youth DASH is an organization focused on disseminating knowledge about criptomonedas and specialized in young students, offering a series of talks and presentations DASH network.


The hyperinflationary currency crisis forced Venezuelans to a forced adaptation

2018 has been a blow to the market capitalization of the cryptocurrencies and its value; we can find altcoins with decreases close to -99%. Meanwhile, Dash continues to promote the use of their systems and applications across the globe.

A clear example is Venezuela, the oil country plunged into a crisis caused by sanctions via Swift suffers crushing exchange rates against the dollar. In an extreme situation, people do not always expect to reach the promised solutions; It is in extreme situations when the fighting spirit emerges and seeks solutions. The population shows cryptocurrencies found in El Salvador refuge in a delicate situation like our Venezuelan countrymen, all you lose less value against the dollar Bolivar becomes welcome.


Side Channel Dashhttps://www.tradingview.com/x/aZcRirOn/ (annual minimum lateral Canal Dash-USD)


Dash penetration in Venezuela reached fast food franchises

It is true that cryptocurrencies suffer from volatility; by its mere mathematics and due to being an early adoption stage nature value movements are jerky and unpredictable. Such volatility is a clear indication of risk; obviously on a stable national currency other situation would be singing, but Bolivar situation is special and requires special measures. Multiple visits registered on websites such as consulting dashven.com value are a clear example of how the Dash cryptocurrency is taking root in the Venezuelan market at street level; thus generating community crypto widespread nationwide.

Given the impossibility of changing its own national currency for other currencies, the people familiar with cryptocurrencies chose to adopt them. Given this, the industry has been quick to adapt, as evidenced by the case of Church's Chicken. Church's Chicken is a fast food chain and has a total of 24 premises spread over several states; since last December 12 the franchise implemented the collection of orders Dash. Crypto community of Venezuela is taking giant steps; details as mentioned consolidated use cases.

On December 23 the possibility of paying 100% in cryptocurrencies quickly and safely by Dash openly published on Facebook.



Without going any further, we share the message published on 24 December in Facebook for  Church's Chicken Venezuela

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You can easily reach the initiative mentioned in dashyouth.org


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