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By iamteymuri | NothingWorld | 4 Jul 2022

Did you notice that none of the blockchains directly pay for work? What if a human does the work that the servers of a blockchain do and receives money for it?


I have an idea that I would like to share with you and get your opinions.

To be honest, I don't know how to code, but I want to use the tools that can be used to build an application without coding, so if I really start building this blockchain, it will be called nothing. Because not even one line of code was used for construction! :)
I really want to start building, but there are obstacles in my way that can be problematic. For example, I have to build a big platform that is like the Ethereum network! Because at this time, we cannot grow with a weak blockchain. Everyone is looking for convenience and, of course, efficiency. That means I have to build NFT Marketplace, explorer and wallet, etc., all of which require a lot of time and energy.
Now, let me explain how this blockchain will work and what is the purpose of this blockchain.
In fact, in this blockchain, transactions are confirmed by humans, that is, manually. Everything is like the previous and current blockchains, but with the difference that transactions are actually confirmed by humans!

Well, I will finish writing here now. To see more of this post, follow me and give me energy by tipping! :)

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