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By iamteymuri | NothingWorld | 4 Jul 2022

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After much thought, I realized that this project might not succeed. This blockchain was created by a platform without coding, and I doubt that a game can be made with this platform!
Today, blockchain games have an important place in the world of internet and blockchain, and this feature is definitely needed for the growth of a blockchain! But the Bitcoin blockchain... smart contracts or Web3 technology cannot be used in this blockchain; So why is it so famous and of course valuable?! :|

Let's go... In this blockchain that I am going to build, you can earn money by approving transactions created by other users without moving :) This way of making money is very attractive for teenagers and young adults. It is and for me that is one
I am a 19-year-old boy, I have a wish to help other teenagers earn money, because those who are looking to earn money from the Internet really need money, because if they didn't need it, they wouldn't come to the Internet at all!

There are some problems related to the construction of this blockchain, which is very annoying and it is possible that this project will not be started, it will be finished...

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