Thirteen reasons why EOS is the most undervalued coin.

By OIDN | Not regarding OIDN. | 28 Feb 2021



1. EOS will render the lightning network useless, because you'll be able to scale BTC on EOS with ProFi.

2. launching in the forseeable future, which will most likely also involve EOS and will probably involve A LOT of money.

2. EOS is leading in Dapp-development.

3. EOS is by far the easiest to program on.

4. EOS is the coin in the top 30 that's down the most from the ath, which means it has 600% to go until it hits new highs.

5. Projects in south america that use it to fight against the hyperinflation of the bolivar with hundreds of businesses (and rapidly growing) already accepting EOS as a form of payment there.

6. Extremely liquid on exchanges (trades more than its market cap on a single day).

7. Activity on social media rising.

8. Investing still active: German FinLab AG is actively invested in projects involving the EOS mainnet.

9. One of the only chains where users don't even know they're using the mainnet (making mass adoption without technical knowledge possible for everyday people).

10. Voice will lead crypto social media with verifiable accounts and the Voice token on the EOS mainnet (which shows B1 is still commited to it). Again, no one using it will really notice they're using the mainnet.

11. EOS actually delivered on most expectations and is a working product.

12. Google is still an active block producer and is part of the next EOS Hackathon on the second of March 2021, which also indicates more relationships with bigger companies.

13. EOS is down 97% from its BTC pair, which is EXTREMELY UNDERVALUED considering the reasons given above.


(14. OIDN)




EOS has also been a late Blumer (;D) in the last bull market compared to other coins in the space.


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