Why Its not The end of the free World

Why Its not The end of the free World

By NoMerci | NoMercisworries | 22 May 2020

you all are probably aware of the faux-virus that's  been "going around".if not get out from the rock youve been living under. 

well don't worry its not real and neither is the imminent threat to our freedom.


because people like me exist. people who say things that motivate, infuriate, or just make people think.

people i like to call golden toungued owls.

these people have existed all through out history people that still inspire to this day even.

a couple examples of these people are Jesus, Hitler, Ghandi  and MLK.

dont think i should be adding hitler to that list.. well i think you should be doing some fact checking.


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Im honestly homeless and in need of help.


y'know what really grinds my gears, well neither do i and im worried about my mental health.

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